Why Recruitment Strategy Is Important

Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Strategy : Most recruiters and managers agree that a good diversity and inclusion strategy in the company is essential to help make it more innovative and creative, and therefore capable of obtaining better results. 

Why Is A Diversity Recruiting Strategy Important?

In addition to being an ethical choice, recruiting from the perspective of diversity and inclusion in the company translates into important benefits that favor performance, innovation, and productivity.

Some of these advantages are, for example, having a team with a broader repertoire of skills and experience, a greater awareness of the linguistic and cultural richness, and the possibility of choosing from a larger and more varied pool of candidates.

Recruitment, selection, and hiring strategies from the perspective of diversity guarantee improvement in team performance and benefits innovation in the sector.

8 Tips For Recruiting A Diversified Workforce

  • Which is my goal?
  • What are my diversity recruiting metrics?

Without first defining these variables, it is difficult to successfully improve the recruitment, selection, and hiring strategy from a diversity perspective. Once you’ve taken this first step, you’ll be ready to improve your diversity recruiting strategy with the tips below.

Check your job ads

One of the best ways to recruit diverse candidates is to review job postings for changes that prioritize including more candidates. For example, you may identify ads in this review that are targeting a population group or people with a very specific level of experience. If this is the case, make an effort to make the ads more inclusive that attract candidates from different backgrounds.

Use alternative sources that integrate various types of candidates

A great way to ensure that your talent pool is filled with diverse candidates is to look for these professionals in different places. Do not always resort to the same job portals if you want to reach new candidates; Focusing only on the sources that you already mastered can cause you to get bogged down in candidates with too similar profiles and, consequently, in a lack of diversity.

Encourage your employees to spread these ads on their networks

It is very likely that your team members connect in their networks with people with a similar background to theirs. Creating a referral program is an effective solution to expand your recruitment strategy with diversity and inclusion in the company, showing that you value the plurality of ideas and trajectories.

Create a company policy that attracts diverse candidates

To give value to strategies for recruiting, selecting, and hiring diverse personnel, it is important that certain values ​​are part of everyday life. 

Hide personal information from the resume in the selection process

An increasing recruitment technique is to hide personal information in CVs to prevent selection from being biased by any prejudice.

Take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) 

To examine resumes and have first contact. One way to have guarantees that you have eliminated any bias or prejudice in the curricular selection process is to resort to artificial intelligence through software for personnel selection. These platforms can be programmed to filter and highlight certain skills and experiences by applying different metrics when analyzing candidate resumes. 

Reconsider the aspects that most affect the selection of candidates

This advice returns to the point related to the review of job advertisements in which you had already considered what you are really looking for in a candidate and had introduced the appropriate changes in the texts. A fundamental part of diversity recruitment is always asking yourself about those aspects that you value most in the candidates, the reason, and if this appreciation is not based on your own prejudices.

Build a talent pipeline with diverse candidates

It has been shown that candidates who are different from others are less likely to be chosen when they are the only representatives of their group on a list of applicants. 

To avoid this bias when choosing, you can apply some simple tricks in your recruitment strategy. For example, listing people from the same demographic minority will dramatically increase the chance that one of them will end up being hired.

  1. Percentage of diverse candidates present at each stage of the recruitment.
  2. The retention rate among minority groups of employees.

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