Diversity And Flexibility: Keys To The Success Of A Sales Team

Diversity And Flexibility

Diversity And Flexibility: The answer to this question can be found in the study ‘Future of work series: The reinvention of professionals and workspaces’, which points out diversity and flexibility: keys to the success of a sales team.

Diversity and flexibility has to be a logical consequence and not an imposition and that is why they work to be the first job search platform specializing in flexible and part-time work

As detailed by the company in a press release collected by sales closing, “the study highlights that diversity, equality, and inclusion are factors that gain weight in organizations: almost 92% believe that it is convenient to have diverse teams, while 95% want to improve the diversity of their teams in the coming months. However, despite the general consensus regarding the importance of these factors, not all companies are at the same stage of the process: only 40% have initiatives underway to improve diversity and inclusion, and 5% do have no kind of plan.”

With the aim of promoting the adoption of plans and initiatives, the study offers guidelines for organizations to improve their diversity, equality, and inclusion results. 

These Guidelines Are Articulated In Four Steps: 

  1. First, the interaction between diversity and flexibility, equality, and inclusion must be understood; 
  2. then you have to set the objectives and define the success metrics; 
  3. After this stage, the challenges of implementing the initiatives must be anticipated; 
  4. Lastly, internal and external resources needed to implement the various plans should be mobilized.

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Advantages Of Flexible Employment

Over the last few decades, companies have reported a growing need for flexibility in managing their teams. In fact, 62% of organizations indicate that collaborators who provide support for projects represent more than 40% of their total employees. The pandemic has brought to the table new advantages associated with flexibility, among which delocalized access to Talent, speed of deployment, and business continuity stand out. 

In a time like the current one, characterized by the mismatch of Talent, the transformation of business models, and the increase in economic volatility, flexibility when hiring professionals is especially important. In fact, 73% of organizations plan to increase the weight of collaborators for projects in the coming months.

The study also offers the keys to optimizing the management of collaborators by projects: first, an integrated flexible employment strategy must be addressed; second, the most suitable positions for project work must be identified; then the challenges presented by the management of those collaborators who work for projects are analyzed; and finally, the necessary resources are mobilized to ensure success.

Diversity, A Competitive Advantage

Inclusive organizations have a clear competitive advantage, but they need to work continuously and coherently on policies and action plans that help consolidate good practices as something natural within their culture.

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