Why Do You Need To Promote Diversity In Your Company?

promote Diversity

Promote Diversity In Your Company : We are in a globalized world in which there is a more and more cultural exchange of people due to the coexistence of different nationalities, genders, religions, cultures, abilities, etc.

It is not only about cultural diversity in companies or gender diversity, but diversity includes other aspects such as generational diversity or diversity of thought or talent. Therefore, when we talk about diversity in the company, we mean that an organization has employees of a different gender, ideology, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, among others, such as language or culture.

Companies must reflect the diversity of society because beyond being connected to it, betting on this type of inclusion policy brings great benefits at all levels.

Benefits Of Diversity At Work For Companies

Being an attractive company for professionals, whether from an internal or external perspective, is key so that you have the right professionals by your side. In this sense, having a reputation as a company that, beyond avoiding discrimination, values ​​heterogeneity is very valuable.

An employer branding strategy focused on diversity offers significant competitive advantages, especially for younger generations. The latest edition of 2022 reveals that younger generations say they would not accept a job that is not in line with their social and environmental values.

So What Does Diversity Bring To Companies? 

Not only helps to attract talent, but also to retain internal talent. The teams of the companies that have policies that promote diversity have more motivated employees and are in harmony with the work environment of the organization that is perceived as heterogeneous, which generally translates into more profitable companies and better business results.

Benefits Of Diversity At Work For Workers

It is more than clear that professionals prefer to work in a company that practices diversity. Why is it such an important aspect for them? 

Because it allows them to learn more and grow personally and professionally, assuming benefits such as the following:

Variety of perspectives: 

In a workgroup made up of different people, the vision of the world changes from one to another, something that makes it easier for each professional to discover the points of view of others, thus enriching their knowledge.

Improvement in innovation: 

If all people think alike, it is much more difficult to find new ideas that translate into advances. However, if your teams are diverse, the range of proposals will be broader and from it, you will be able to collectively create innovative strategies that benefit your organization and the employees themselves.

Greater creativity: 

in relation to the above, professionals gain creativity if they provide different solutions to the same problem, which favors the ability to adapt to different scenarios. That diversity is much more likely to exist if they have origins, cultures, genders, characteristics, etc. different.

Increased productivity: 

if the people who are part of your company have different ideas and share them with each other, they will reinforce each other’s performance, learn and be more motivated when it comes to overcoming day-to-day challenges. This will make them more productive in quantity and quality.

For these benefits to occur, it is essential that the culture of diversity is also that of inclusion, guaranteeing that all people have the same opportunities for growth.

Diversity is not only a competitive advantage or a key value as a driver of the employer brand, but it goes further, it is a commitment that all companies must assume with the aim of creating a fairer world.

Management Of Diversity In The Company

Diversity management is a must for companies, as the latest study by the Foundation for Diversity shows, that 99% of companies show interest in the value of diversity, especially demographic diversity, which is on the roadmap of 87% of organizations. This highlights the need to find the right strategies.

What Do You Need To Meet This Goal?

Guarantee an inclusive and rigorous selection process, so that you have the guarantee of finding the right professionals.

Promote pay and gender equality. We help you comply with the current regulations on equality and the Principle of Transparency in Remuneration, through the preparation of a diagnosis and an Equality Plan adapted to the reality of your company.

As we have already commented throughout the article, diversity is taking on a great role in companies, and proof of this is the commitment and importance that the companies with the greatest job attractiveness give to it. These companies, including Telefónica, Ikea or KPMG, have diversity policies and plans in their day-to-day activities that can serve as examples of diversity in the company.

In line with the above, Telefónica, for example, goes beyond gender or multigenerational diversity and highlights the diversity of thought where each employee has the opportunity to contribute and contribute their vision. In the case of Ikea, they carry out equality plans and, among other actions, focus on multigenerational diversity. Similarly, KPMG refers to talent diversity and inclusion as the opportunity to be yourself and show your personality in your workplace.

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