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LinkedIn : Standing out among more than 30 million brands and making a place for yourself in the sector is complicated, but not impossible! In this new article, we tell you the strategies that have worked best in marketing in-house to improve the visibility of our clients and professional relationships. Keep reading!

LinkedIn Pages is an excellent channel for web traffic, it helps to show up in search engine results and to create a good portfolio of contacts.

This platform gives us the opportunity to highlight the activities of each company, its values ​​and strengths and to be able to differentiate yourself from the rest through strategies such as: 

  • Content curation.
  • Competitor research.
  • B2B, C2C contacts
  • Achieve notoriety in your sector.

Other aspects that we must take into account and that we must include to develop a good marketing strategy is knowing the demographics of LinkedIn, that is, analyzing who uses said platform, who we can reach and how our competition uses this channel.

The next aspect is not to forget to create a content calendar, to be able to plan and order what type of content is going to be published, objectives, creativities, schedules.

LinkedIn For Companies

Once we have established the objectives and some of the aspects that we consider very important to establish the strategies that we are going to carry out on this platform, you could now get down to work with your account! We share some of the actions that have worked best for us. 

Share posts with good visual content

As with any social network , and LinkedIn was not going to be less, those publications followed by attractive visual content , whether in image or video format, have a much better performance than those that have nothing. 

Avoid working with stock images as much as possible, own images get more interactions!

Post at the best times: Not only is the publication schedule important , it is also important to publish regularly , for this an editorial calendar can be very helpful. 

From the use of different tools you can check the best days and times to post on the LinkedIn page. In addition, they allow you the option of programming the contents , therefore you will save a lot of time.

Optimize your posts

Optimize? Yes, that’s right, in this way you will get a greater reach and impact with your publications, since the LinkedIn algorithm focuses on the probability of interaction, that is, it will show your content to people who have the same interests as those of your brand through other similar accounts with which they have previously interacted.

What Can We Do?

Craft powerful copy with a theme that can grab users’ attention. If that copy is going to be long, make it as readable as possible with paragraph breaks.

Don’t forget to include a CTA.

Includes hashtags.

Publications with good visual content, as we mentioned before.

Do not forget to respond as soon as possible to the comments!

Share relevant content from your sector.

It is not necessary that all the information you publish on your page always has to be yours, you can also publish content from third parties and help you add value to your brand. Keep in mind that it must always be relevant content for your sector.

Interact with your followers

Very simple, you can create debates through a publication looking for user interaction and participation. You can also create questions or surveys asking for opinions on a topic.

And more importantly, don’t forget to always reply to comments left on content or personal messages!

Actions To Improve The Network Of Contacts

Communication is very important, sending messages or comments on any platform can be apparently very simple, but you have to pay attention to detail and the way you write and say things. We must not forget that in this case you are in a professional environment and that communication is vital for any marketing strategy.

Although some of them we have already mentioned quickly in the previous points, we want to go a little deeper into them.

For this reason, some of the actions that you should always take into account and as simple as they may seem, sometimes we forget to apply them.

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