Marketing Games To Increase Brand Visibility

Marketing Games

Marketing Games : The management of promotions to increase the visibility of brands is a complex task that requires great coordination between many parties strategy, design, production of materials, trade marketing calendar, space management, logistics, fulfilment, installation in the defined space and start-up, reverse logistic but without a doubt it entails a return on investment (ROI) that makes this activity a very profitable exercise for brands.

We will then check the possibilities that marketing games offer us to increase the visibility of brands.

How To Increase Brand Visibility

Creating positive shopping experiences directly affects the consumer’s perception of brand values ​​or product image. Using technology to create specific actions in physical stores will be key to boosting purchases and increasing sales.

These are some actions to increase the visibility of brands in physical stores.

Visual Merchandising

consumers really like the actions of marketing aimed at improving the visibility of brands. In other words, consumers value positively that brands use exhibitors, stands to present their products or posters to inform about promotions. In short, visual merchandising actions .

What’s more, the respondents affirm that they enjoy the interaction with the brand, since it makes the purchase a more fun and dynamic activity. Together with the fact of being able to see and touch the products before buying them, in addition to the implementations and assemblies for said promotions, they are one of the keys due to which the majority of users continue to buy in physical establishments although it is true that the majority part of the population combines offline with ecommerce indistinctly or depending on the needs at any given time, establishing both as complementary channels and not competitors.

Interaction for greater brand visibility

Interacting is undoubtedly one of the key verbs that we must learn from this Relational Marketing. Of course, a non-interactive promotion, which simply plays with a static PLV or poster elements to communicate the benefits of a product, will also be a good practice as it will allow us to gain visibility as a brand and draw the attention of potential consumers.

However, interactivity will be what causes a greater movement or even queues at promotion points, without a doubt a measure of the success of a campaign.

Gamification and marketing games

Many times we can establish that interactive nature of the promotion simply by making the product available to the public as a free trial or tasting. In addition, we can add some kind of survey to obtain feedback about the product.

In this sense and in that of gamification , having a digital totem or a digital PLV will facilitate the work and encourage the consumer to participate in the promotion.

Marketing, gamification and advergaming game solutions to convert promotions into games with the highest degree of personalization, allowing this type of interactive actions to be carried out at the point of sale. Through a computer, a touch screen or a simple tablet, the customer will enjoy interacting with the brand, which will achieve an optimised and higher average return on investment than through classic promotions.

In short, technology applied to the point of sale works, and we must always promote its use with the aim of creating positive shopping experiences that affect the consumer’s perception of brand or product values.

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