What Are The Most Common Instagram Mistakes?

Instagram Mistakes

Instagram Mistakes: Millions of people turn to social networks every day in search of entertainment, connection with others and, why not say it, for work issues. One of the applications that is world-class and is used by a large fraction of the population is Instagram; and, like any widely used digital creation, it can have some occasional problems, so today we want to talk to you about the most common Instagram errors.

On Instagram we can see Stories that last 24 hours, publications, videos, Reels and live broadcasts; There is no way to deny that its reach is truly broad and that, within its channels, there is entertainment and information for all tastes, but like all platforms, we can encounter dozens of Instagram errors that will cause us a headache.

Which is why, the times when we cannot use Instagram as we want, we can find ourselves irritated and even lose valuable advertising opportunities.

There are millions of daily users of this social network, so it is common that errors may sometimes occur. These types of Instagram errors are normally not fatal and here we can tell you which are the most frequent.

Account Restrictions

One of the most common Instagram mistakes. An Instagram account can be restricted for different reasons and each of them has to do with the conditions and policies of the application. If the app does not open or your session has been closed, the first thing you should do is verify the device connection.

Like any other community, on Instagram there are rules of coexistence and there are conditions to stay within.

Therefore, it will be necessary for us to investigate or evaluate having transgressed any of the rules; well, this will be a reason for immediate closure, especially if it is a recurring event. That is, it is not an Instagram error as such, but it does make it impossible for us to use our account.

Some of the reasons that could cause Instagram to close our account are:

  • Cases of massive activity (Thousands of follows and likes) are taken as spam by the app’s algorithm. Above all, in low activity accounts that, for some reason, become “Viral”.
  • Account reported for violation of Instagram policies.
  • Violation of copyright in an image, video or publication. To avoid being banned for this, it is best to always publish the authors or give credits to whoever the content belongs to.
  • Posting inappropriate images or extremely sensitive content.

The App Does Not Work

Another of the Instagram errors that can annoy users the most. The creators and developers of the system always try to ensure that updates arrive quickly and efficiently to prevent problems for users; however, there are often unknown reasons that generate usage errors in the app, both on Apple and Android.

Instagram ranks 4th for the most users of any mobile app in the world.

Of course, these kinds of massive crashes are rare and unlikely in everyday life, but unfortunately, these Instagram errors do happen from time to time. To find out if we are facing a massive Instagram crash or if it is just your account, do the following:

  • Check that the internet connection (Mobile data or Wi-Fi) is stable.
  • Check in the application control that the app is updated.
  • Clear temporary files and application cache.
  • Restart the mobile.
  • Lastly, uninstall and reinstall the app.

If none of these solutions work for you and you still can’t use Instagram, we may be looking at a massive outage. How do I check it? Social networks such as Twitter and WhatsApp are always on the lookout for outages, and users often comment on situations and system problems in real time.

I Can’t Change My Profile Picture

We find another of the most common Instagram errors. More than on any other social network, on Instagram, we can see the saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words” fulfilled. This is due to its birth as a network for publishing images, which has later mutated into all types of visual content, functioning as a cover letter for all its accounts.

If you have ever been unable to change your account image, it may be due to the following:

  • You are not connected to the internet.
  • The app you have is outdated.
  • Mobile discontinued.
  • You have changed your profile photo many times in a short period of time.

How is it solved? Start by checking the internet connection, verify in your PlayStore that you have the updated version and check the operating status of your mobile. If your case is the latter, you must wait a few days to try to change the account image again.

I Can’t Share Stories

Surprisingly, this is one of the Instagram errors that is not usually a defect of the application, but rather a consequence of the user’s settings. When we have a private access account, Instagram restricts some of its functionalities in order to maintain the privacy of the account.

For example, it will only be possible to watch the stories if we follow the user who publishes them and they have accepted us.

On the other hand, if it is not a private account, check that the ability to share stories has not been disabled. Check it like this:

  • Enter Settings.
  • Go to the Privacy section.
  • Then, go to Stories.
  • Locate the shared content and activate the boxes labeled “Allow sharing in stories” and “Allow sharing in messages.”

It Is Not Possible To Give Likes

In addition to the possibility of account restriction, Instagram may limit other account functionality due to massive follows and likes. This social network is characterized by the ability to like all posts, so we could consider it one of the Instagram mistakes that most surprises users.

The cause? One of Instagram’s rigid policies, in which, if an average account receives more than 500 likes in a day, it is considered Spam; therefore, the account would be considered malicious and its use would be restricted.

Instagram’s growth in the last year is 22% with more than 1.2 billion active users.

This is a restriction that usually lasts a limited time, a few hours or a maximum of one day, depending on how the system takes the action; since, if it is a common transgression in that account, it could be closed and deleted.

If the problem is not solved within the times we mention, the next step is to delete the app cache on the mobile. It’s just a couple of steps:

  • Enter the mobile settings and select “Applications and notifications”.
  • Tap Instagram and then the storage button.
  • Press the clear cache option.

Logically, when it comes to a celebrity or “Influencer” account, Instagram has some much more flexible policies; therefore, it is important that we establish the purpose for which we use the account, to avoid problems and restrictions.

Photos Are Deleted When Uploaded

Everyone likes to upload images to this social network, being the social platform with the most visual content, behind YouTube, uploaded every day, so it is one of the Instagram errors that worries users the most, especially all to the most regular users of the app.

The first thing we should think about in the event that this happens to us is that the photos or content that we are uploading do not violate Instagram policies; well, it is a situation that often arises and that causes many problems for artistic current users and others.

The photos are not completely deleted, but are hidden and must be reviewed by the platform to give the corresponding approval. If this doesn’t occur, be sure you look at these:

  • That the most recent version of the Instagram app has been installed.
  • The mobile operating system has the latest update.

The App Closes By Itself or Updates Do Not Load

If Instagram closes, it can only be a problem with multiple causes, which, in principle, is usually due to an error in the version of Instagram used; although, it is directly associated with errors present on the device that hosts the application and connection problems. Although we could consider it one of the most common Instagram errors, this may be mainly due to a problem with the mobile device.

Instagram not loading is another of the problems with the highest rate of occurrence for users around the world and, honestly, one of the most annoying.

Most of the time, it has to do with the platform falling; But, other times we can check the following so that any of the mentioned problems are fixed:

  • Verify that the internet connection is stable or the app will not be able to update properly.
  • Update the app and the mobile operating system.
  • Restart the mobile.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.

Stories Appear Blank

This is a situation in which we cannot see the content that we have just uploaded, nor that of those we follow; Instead, the entire upper space appears blank, being one of the Instagram errors that can bother the user the most today. At first, it can be understood that we do not follow anyone or there are no stories to show; but, if we follow many people, there will always be someone posting.

Some common causes of not being able to see the stories are:

  • The lack of internet connection or a very unstable signal; since Instagram needs a stable connection to upload content.
  • The app may be outdated.
  • The session may have been closed.

My Profile Automatically Stopped Following Accounts

It may have been a while since we’ve even looked at a particular account, let alone interacted. But, when we search for it or try to see its content we realize that we are no longer following it; Most of the time it is a voluntary act, although if you don’t remember doing it, a glitch on Instagram may have caused it.

This may be due to problems related to the algorithm or simple unpredictable system errors. It is not our fault as users and the only way to correct it is by following the account(s) we have lost again.

I Can’t See A Photo Shared In A Chat Again

Everyone likes to review chats from time to time, so it could be said that these are one of the Instagram errors that can cause the most headaches, as they do not allow you to review 100% of the content.

Although it may be seen as a problem for many, this is not an Instagram mistake. Rather, it is a setting that exists in the app’s messaging or chat; in which, images and videos are sent to be viewed only once.

This is a strategy supported by the app that tries to protect the privacy of its users, when it comes to sharing files. Once the file has been downloaded and viewed, it self-destructs and there is no way to view it again.

Although, if the recipient has taken a screenshot of the image, Instagram will notify us that this has happened; notifying a kind of breach of trust. So, more than a problem, it is a necessary form of protection.

With this list of the most common Instagram errors and their solutions, we hope that the headache that this social network may cause you is less intense and lasting. As it could not be otherwise, there will be more Instagram errors, but they will not be as common.

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