Buyer Persona: A Tool To Get To Know Today’s Customer

Buyer Persona

Buyer persona: Knowing well the public we are addressing can be our trump card in the market. In this article, we tell you how the buyer persona is a fundamental marketing tool to identify the interests, fears, and needs that our clients share.

Thanks to the digital transformation processes of the last decades —which have driven technological revolutions such as big data— today, companies can collect an enormous volume of information about their customers at an unprecedented speed, and perform sophisticated analyzes in real-time.

However, in times of hybrid work, it is useless to accumulate masses of customer data to show, for example, correlations such as “73% of customers say they prefer product A to product B”. While this type of information is essential for making decisions, the correlation approach can lead companies in the wrong direction.

The truth is that today’s customer does not want to be besieged by countless products; he wants to feel understood and receive relevant information that will help him live and do his job better and better.

Therefore, we must study our audience, in order to know their motivations for progress and what they hope to achieve in a given circumstance. Knowing our clients and their needs well can be our trump card in the market.

In other words, today it is imperative to focus our marketing on the audience and to know the personalities of our clients.

It Is A Very Powerful And Effective Tool Since It Allows:

  • Extract more emotional information and make an X-ray of your ideal client.
  • Create digital marketing strategies.
  • Multiply the effectiveness of strategies
  • Avoid wasting valuable resources.
  • Why create a buyer persona?
  • You will identify the most critical or risky characteristics of your product.
  • You will know how and where to find your potential customers.

If you are an established company:

  • You can develop new products.
  • You will get ahead of your competitors.

If you are in charge of marketing campaigns:

  • You will be able to execute successful marketing campaigns, based on data and knowledge.
  • You will create the correct message so that it is not lost in the mass of digital marketing ads.
  • You will connect with the right consumer.
  • You will offer products or services that meet the needs of customers.

How To Create A Buyer Persona?

  • Define the key aspects of the representation of your client.
  • Define the needs. Defining what consumers need from our business is essential to generate the connection. Understanding this aspect is crucial to know what to offer them. This is the best way to identify market opportunities.
  • Purchasing decisions. If a company is able to accurately analyze the purchase decisions of each customer, it will know how to approach it with the greatest probability of success.
  • Understand their behavior. In this case, we mean to know where this client spends more time. For example, their tastes and interests on the Internet can be analyzed to produce content that interests them and promote it through these channels.
  • Content marketing. When you are able to identify the needs and desires of your client, you can create content that captures their attention or produces an impact.
  • Define your demographics, psychographics, and geography in a realistic and accurate way.
  • Make a summary about the person with an emphasis on work and professional aspects to know their responsibilities and tastes.
  • Describe your goals and everything that motivates you, as well as your main challenges or challenges.
  • Another determining factor is the medium or channel of interaction through which you access the content that interests you.
  • Finally, anticipate their objections during the buying and selling process.
  • Delve into the buying process for the customer.

To do this, you must put yourself in the customer’s shoes and build ‘ user narratives’. These are stories that contain not only information and details such as age or gender but also the reason why clients need our services.

All this has nothing to do with guesswork. It is precisely the opposite: to have a solid base of knowledge about our customers and users. And for this, we use forms, surveys, metrics, and data. In addition, it is important to remember that buyer persona profiles vary depending on the company’s news, so their nature is dynamic.

Update your buyer personas periodically, remember that the main reason for creating them is to identify and satisfy the needs of your customers to improve your service.

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