SEO Trends And Best Practices To Know For 2022

SEO Trends And Best Practices To Know For 2022

SEO Trends : In this article, we explained 3 SEO trends one should apply in their blog.

Evolution Of Google SERPs  

Google results pages are evolving and offer new visibility opportunities to advertisers.

New online shopping options with Google Shopping Graph. The shopping links will present more possibilities.  

Google Shopping is evolving by integrating other information from the Google ecosystem: a complete and real-time data set on products, a map from Google Maps offering nearby stores, videos related to the term of the research, etc.

Are you looking for jeans? From now on, Google Search will show you a wider visual flow including different filters (colors, sizes, brands) and indications (stock available, shop closest to you). Associated services will also be offered to you such as a size guide to choose the perfect jeans.

The “About this result” function

Already implemented in the USA, it is the direct display on the SERPs of information on the source and the site from which the page came. In particular, you can find it there:   

  • A presentation of the site  
  • Quotes found on the Web  
  • News articles  

New Inserts In The SERPs 

Things to know  will explore topics by displaying related subtopics. 

Refine and Broaden this search : refine or broaden a search. Two ways to present more information. The first takes the form of text bubbles which project the Internet user towards variations of a main expression sought by the Internet user. The second offers images and text that hook the Internet user and project him into what looks like Google’s knowledge graph.

More visual  : image processing is much more present in the SERP with full-width images and more often presented than at present. 

Related topics for videos  : an insert under the videos to allow Internet users to go further on the same subject (a video example is given here). 

Image SEO  

Today, in the google images tab, optimized images appear at the top of a SERP, before any organic results . 

For e-commerce sites, a good product description is necessary, but do not forget to optimize its images because this allows you to benefit from this visibility, to trigger the click and to start the purchase journey.

Our tips for optimizing your images

  • Produce your own images 
  • Rename your photos descriptively, linking to referring pages, with dashes between each word. 
  • Provide alt text on each image , in case it cannot load and be seen 
  • Compress your large image files , so as not to weigh down the website.  

Google MUM  

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) helped Google better satisfy voice assistant users. Internet users then went through the microphone to search on Google, which was much more fluid and conversational. 

Thanks to this, the algorithm is better able to understand the relationship between the words and the intent behind a search query .   

In 2022, Google MUM (Multitask Unifield Model) will take over from BERT, thanks to much more developed artificial intelligence techniques .

MUM will aim to best meet the search intent of users, and Indeed, MUM will be able to understand the feelings, context and intention of the user, and respond to them from videos, images and texts in 75 languages.  

Finally, users will no longer need to make several queries to find the desired answer, but will be able to combine texts, images and voices to receive relevant results. 

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