What Is Business To Business (B2B) Marketing

Business To Business (B2B) Marketing

Business To Business (B2B) Marketing :  Every day we hear many entrepreneurs and managers of our B2B companies commenting on phrases such as the following:

  • “The buyers of my product are rational buyers and they are not influenced by emotional marketing messages”
  • “My company sells to a very specific type of customer. Investing in marketing makes no sense”
  • “Everything we do in this company cannot be summed up in a marketing phrase or an advertisement”
  • “My product is too complex to be able to explain it in an advertisement
  • “The commercial department is the architect of the sales of my product and they are the ones who create the brand image”

B2B buyers are people, and people make decisions by relying on their first impression based on emotion, memory, feelings, images, and the story they remember.

How To Do It From The Marketing Point Of View?

We work with B2B brands with rational discourses about the product or service, but in the same way, appealing to the emotional side in all their arguments through the brand. It is her and only her, the one that will allow us to connect with the most emotional side of our buyer and thus build positive associations with the brand before starting the entire sales process by the commercial department.

The brand should develop an argument and that it be she, above all else, who speaks. We are aware that we depend on vendors, but we do not control their arguments, their staging and the loyalty tools used for our customers, right? The brand must transmit confidence to the buyer, becoming his trusted advisor from the beginning of the purchase process, from the first moment we come into contact with him.We must always remember that trust and loyalty between companies is built with much more difficulty.

It is for this reason that being aware of the impact that the brand’s argument has on the customer’s decision-making is key to closing the sale, an action that will have a direct impact on the company’s ROI.

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We Are Going To Work So That Your Brand Achieves That Your Client

  • Be less motivated to try the competitor’s product/service.
  • Need less time to sign a contract or request a quote.
  • Be more willing to try what your company offers you.
  • Be less sensitised to the price and more to the differential value of what is being offered.
  • Buy the product most likely.
  • Reduce sensitivity to a price increase.
  • Value the time and investment in Innovation.
  • Recognize the added value of your innovation compared to what the competition offers.

The current market demands the modernization of sellers (from the classic seller to a trusted advisor). Consultants who help customers to solve their needs and reduce the insecurities generated after the purchase. If the brand has developed a good discourse that is acquired rationally and emotionally by the seller, when he comes into contact with the customer, the perceived value offer will be more evident, emphasising reducing the risk perception of decision makers and influencers. of the purchase.

Let us always keep in mind as a B2B brand that in a sale we are not only addressing a person, but a group, to which we do not have access and that after our action they will have to reach a consensus.

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