Business Ideas That Will Interest You

Business Ideas That Will Interest You

Business Ideas : If a few days ago we talked on this website about the B-Corp movement and what companies can do to integrate, this article includes 5 business ideas that succeed beyond the income statement.

1.-Sustainable And Ecological Fashion

Trendsplant ‘s idea is based on a sustainable and ecological fashion brand. The company is celebrating since a few months ago it became part of the B-Corp corporate family. With its logo that includes the image of an elephant, an animal that, they say, represents all the principles that they try to convey with the brand and its products: robustness, nobility, nomadism, fidelity, and longevity, Trendsplant designs and sells fashion clothing and accessories for men and women made with a wide variety of sustainable fabrics.

The mission as a company also claims to be clear: “bring our Mediterranean lifestyle to every corner of this world through fashion in a fair and honest way, both with the production chain and with the customer”.

2.- Brake Rural Depopulation

It was the first company to obtain B Corp certification, in 2013. With the aim of curbing rural depopulation, the brothers Juanjo and Israel Manzano set up Alma Natura in 1997 to boost entrepreneurship in rural areas while promoting training, the use of new technologies, and health. Concepción Macía s, therapeutic coach and facilitator of social innovation processes, would later join the project.

From their small office located in Arroyomolinos de León, a town of fewer than 1,000 inhabitants in the Sierra de Huelva, they have been promoting projects and extending networks for more than 20 years through strategic alliances with large corporations, such as Coca-Cola, Danone or Red Eléctrica de España, among many others.

In 2020, they created the AlmaNatura Foundation to multiply the positive impact of their purpose.

3.-When Real Estate Benefits Everyone

The Deepki team now has more than 150 people with the aim of improving global environmental performance in the face of climate change from the real estate sector. From this perspective, they accompany companies in the environmental transition of their real estate park. By collecting and analyzing existing data, they offer their clients action mechanisms that allow them to better understand their assets; reduce their environmental footprint, and improve their real estate stock. 

The firm has also had the Happy at Work label since January 2018. Among the latest information regarding the company is the raising of 150 million euros in a financing round co-led by Highland Europe and One Peak Partners, two companies from London-based venture capital, among others.

4.-Sustainable Workwear

Circoolar is a zero-waste ecological workwear company. It is a clear commitment to the circular and social economy in the corporate fashion sector where it offers eco-friendly textile solutions, zero waste, and social impact for making garments in social insertion workshops. 10% of your profits will be used to promote these workshops.

Circoolar seeks to position itself as a leading B2B supplier of corporate fashion for companies with solid sustainability commitments, helping them to minimize the environmental impact caused by two of the most polluting wastes, plastic, and textiles while empowering people.

Last February, the firm became a B Corp company for its compliance with the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency, and corporate responsibility.

In the words of Luis Ribó, co-founder of Circoolar: “being B Corp is recognition of business innovation in the circular economy, that is, having been able to generate change throughout the value chain: investors, suppliers, partners and customers. .”

5.-TEA Talent For Companies 

Specialisterme has already been discussed on this website. It is a company of Danish origin that also operates and that takes advantage of the talent of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other neurodivergent in the business market. Specialisterne provides services such as software testing, quality control, and data management for companies around the world. Hence they speak of their “specialists.”

The organization, born in 2004, has a direct or indirect presence in 23 countries. The Specialisterne brand belongs to the Specialisterne Foundation, associated with the United Nations. The company’s motto: ‘Passion for details’, reaffirms the focus of all its activities and is integrated into the company’s approach.

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