The Startup That Goes From Digital Marketing

The Startup That Goes From Digital Marketing

The Startup That Goes From Digital Marketing : Marco Conde recounts that when one morning he told the Motoreto team the proposal to sponsor football teams and include the company’s advertising on the billboards of the stadiums, everyone stared at him as if he had just gotten off the bus. Didn’t he know that, in addition to being old, it was something that only large corporations allowed themselves?

I knew it very well. Not in vain in his Linkedin profile Conde presents himself as a “father, marketer and enjoyer of digital strategy”, as well as a professor of the Master of New Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC) at the Complutense University of Madrid. Added to this is the fact that practically his entire professional career has been developed in the startup world, participating in projects such as La Nevera Roja, Unono, Fever or Letgo, among others. 

It is clear then that the advertising strategy proposed to the team by the CEO and co-founder, together with  David Casanova, of Motoreto, more than a ‘happy idea’ came from an exercise in reflection and a desire to stand out from the majority and do things otherwise.

Born in 2020 with the mission of digitizing and providing transparency to the market for the sale of used vehicles by verified dealers, Motoreto will be the brand that the players of the first division team Getafe Club de Fútbol and the second division team Club Deportivo Leganés. In this way, Motoreto becomes the first startup sponsor of two Madrid teams for the 22-23 season.  

The brand will also shine on the billboards of the stadiums although, to be more precise, where there were billboards before, there are now screens and technology that facilitate the change of advertising. However, the multiplier effect of this advertising method is maintained, each time a match is watched on YouTube or any other digital channel. According to a study carried out by Havas Sports & Entertainment, an average of 30% of the visibility of a brand on billboards is generated outside of the match environment. 

Question Of Values

Hence, until now, it has been the large corporations that have opted for this advertising format with great projection. We are talking about organizations of the stature of Banco Santander, Microsoft, Spotify, El Corte Inglés, Burger King, Budweiser, LG and Hollywood Bets, among many others. The Madrid startup now joins this elitist club.

Before announcing the sponsorship agreement with Getafe Club and Club Deportivo Leganés, Motoreto had signed another similar agreement with the historic Atlético de Pinto club.

When asked about why these clubs and not others, Marco Conde declares: “These sponsorships are, more than anything else, a commitment to the values ​​of these clubs, many of which we share as a startup. The two new agreements are a source of pride because we are committed to the commitment of two example clubs of humility, work, effort, and sacrifice, and that each season fight to overcome to achieve their goals. These values ​​go in his DNA, just like in Motoreto’s”. 

Added to this is the fact that Motoreto is a company that emerged and is located in Getafe and the link between Leganés -a town that houses La ciudad del automobile- and the sector in which they operate. 

What the CEO does not reveal is the money that the company is going to disburse with these actions or what the expected return on investment is. They are clear, however, that this is a complementary action given that they will continue to combine investment in digital marketing, a channel in which, in Conde’s opinion, control of the advertising action is more complicated. 

As a company, Motoreto already has a team of 25 people. With regard to billing, they hope to close the year having multiplied by three or four the amount recorded last year. They know that, although competition is great, so is the volume of business in a sector that is about 99% pending digitization and a market that, in Europe alone, moves 600 billion euros a year thanks to the sale of 30 million used cars

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