10 Keys To Catching Up With Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing : The subject arises from a thread published on Twitter by the entrepreneur Víctor, co-founder, among other projects, of the Minimalism brand. Through a series of points, he comments on the radical changes that online marketing has undergone in the last two years and what should be taken into account at this time to gain positions.

PPC (Social & Search)

According to this entrepreneur, there is “a lot of competition, obsolete formats. It doesn’t even work to start. The investment moves to remarket strategies”.

The PPC corresponds to what is traditionally known as pay-per-click. CAC, on the other hand, refers to the cost of acquiring a new customer and Social & Search corresponds to the practice that consists of looking for opinions and comments on social networks about a product or service to make a purchase decision. These have been, until now, the fundamental bases of online marketing whose usefulness, today, questions this entrepreneur.

Organic Content Rules, Especially In Video

It takes months to see results (if they come at all). Different strategies and conversations on each social network

Organic content is content that is published on social networks and other digital channels and does not involve any cost, unlike paid advertising. It is the type of content that is sought to help maintain the presence of the brand on the networks, to establish relationships with potential clients, and offer valuable information to the audience. 

When implemented considering these aspects, the result is precisely the conversation. If the conversation is achieved, the company is closer to developing and maintaining a relationship with its public. Organic content should be as natural as possible.

When it comes to video, according to IEBS, videos are 53 times more likely to rank at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) than other SEO techniques. 

Also, according to Cyberclicl, 86% of companies use video advertising as part of their strategy and 80% of global internet traffic in 2022 will come from downloading and viewing audiovisual content.

Without Story There Is No Content

These brand stories are also known as storytelling and for them to have good results they must meet some requirements. First of all, a story has to be simple so that it is understandable for everyone and reaches the largest number of audiences. In a second place, the message must generate an impact so that it is recorded in the memory of the recipients and they relate it directly to a specific brand.

Creativity, in this sense, plays a key role in seeking attractive and unique messages that generate engagement with the brand’s values.

Without An Email Marketing Strategy You Are Dead

Spin fine here the periodicity, and differentiate strategies between automated and manual. Both to close the first sale and to increase the LTV» (Lifetime Value) a sales KPI that measures the profit that a client generates for a company while maintaining a relationship with it.

Minor ‘Performances’

Performance marketing is an online marketing system or model characterized mainly by the fact that the advertiser pays only for the results obtained, which are very specific and quantifiable.

You Must Be On TikTok And Strive To Add Value

Although more and more companies and businesses of all kinds claim to close sales through TikTok,  understands that this social network lends itself better to branding than to sales.

Marketing Teams Have Become Divided Into 3

They would be specialized in three very specific areas. A part of them would assume the tasks of content creation, a second would have as its primary objective to monitor the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), the set of techniques and actions that aim to optimize the conversion by improving the performance of your website and, 

The Function Of The Copywriter Is Increasingly Relevant

Arguing the excess of “noise and competition”, suggests that there is an increasing need for a specialized professional to communicate effectively and attractively with your clients, real and potential.


Although SEO traditionally referred to organic results, that is, unpaid results, “almost 40% of the results pages are paid ads, and increasingly aesthetically similar to the organic result.” This drags the vast majority to pay to gain visibility. The consequence  draws from this trend is that “every second that passes there are fewer opportunities to capture traffic in organic search”, that is, it is increasingly difficult to earn the right to appear in the first positions for content.

Be Up To Date On Everything

And “of course”, the last task with which concludes is the obligation to “be on the lookout every week for the new marketplace, the new social network, the new podcast to sponsor. And try to be among the first to take advantage of unsaturated channels”.

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