Reconciliation Trends That Increase Productivity And Business Volume

Reconciliation Trends That Increase Productivity And Business

Reconciliation Trends Increase Productivity And Business Volume : We are at a time when companies can promote the reconciliation trends of personal and work life as never before.

The digital transformation has brought with it new tools, which combined with more traditional measures achieve not only a better quality of life for the employee but also more competitive companies. In fact, 89% of the SMEs and micro-SMEs that have implemented work-life balance measures claim to have achieved greater productivity in their employees, while 74% admit to having increased their turnover.

Despite these figures, today many companies are still hesitant to implement a work culture that encourages conciliation. According to a Sodexo report, 90% of workers do not spend the desired time with their family, while 45% consider that they lack hours to deal with their personal activities. This mismatch can cause various health problems in employees. Stress is the best known of them, causing 30% of sick leave, Chronic fatigue, lack of efficiency, depression, or insomnia are some of the alterations that employees who are unable to reconcile both areas of their lives may also suffer.

Main Measures To Reconcile Companies

At this point, how can a company adapt its work dynamics to the needs of modern society? Of course, beyond a correct organization of time and work. Sodexo has analyzed the main trends HR teams are implementing in different organizations in our country with greater effectiveness and return for the company.

Time flexibility

Although many agreements already include it, offering the employee the possibility of adapting his working day in times of entry and exit is a small gesture that can be of great help to the employee, at no cost to the company. This measure can especially greatly benefit employees who have children or dependents in their charge.

Implementation of teleworking

The possibility of working from home is one of the measures most supported by employees and, furthermore, can most directly benefit the company. Beyond enhancing employee productivity in 69% of cases, this option is capable of reducing work stress by 82% and, thus, reducing sick leave in the long term. 

Benefits And Incentives

The company can provide services aimed at meeting the personal needs of the employee, also offering tax advantages. In this way, direct benefits can be offered that affect their well-being and their purchasing power. Good examples are food vouchers, which can mean savings for the employee of up to 600 euros per year; the nursery check, which can result in savings of up to 3 months a year in the payment of the center. 

Smart working

It is about taking the concepts of flexible hours and telecommuting further, eliminating specific jobs and schedules. This measure aims to give more responsibility to the employee, through the use of technology, allowing them to decide when and how to work. The traditional office concept disappears, there are no fixed places assigned, and some expenses derived from unused space or resources are eliminated. The impact on workers is that they are more motivated and feel more valued, which improves the achievement of objectives, and achieves a better balance between personal and professional life in 77.8% of cases.

Coaching and specific training in leadership

Coaching is a term that has become very fashionable in recent years, and that improves the quality of life of employees, making them feel more comfortable in their jobs. A good coach must train people in an organization to achieve their goals, with motivation and satisfaction as the keys to better performance. Although the figure of the coach can be external, it can also be the boss or CEO who leads these processes, in order to get to know people better and encourage team unity. 

That is why a multitude of leadership courses have emerged in recent years for management positions in companies. In fact, 73% of companies consider that knowing how to lead a team is the most important skill in a company.

Promotion of physical well-being

It is one of the latest trends in terms of work-life balance, which is becoming increasingly popular in companies. It is about bringing the philosophy “Mens Sana in corpore Sano” to work through dynamics integrated into the company’s schedules. Exercise and physical activity through short breaks for walks, excursions, sports days, or gym hours, is a good way to disconnect and release stress. In addition to the benefit for the physical and mental state, and the time that the employee gains by not having to exercise when leaving the office, it also benefits family reconciliation. In many companies, these types of activities are organized including family members of the employees to promote greater integration with the company and good personal relationships.

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