What Is Martech? And Why Is It Important In Marketing?

What Is Martech

What Is Martech : We talk about marketing based on new technologies since the digital era was born, the IoT (Internet of things), web 2.0, and Big Data. The conservative limits of advertising have been crossed thanks to the wide possibilities offered by these new technologies, but… do you know what Martech is? We tell you about it today on the  Sortlist blog.

During this last year, we have noticed that Martech is beginning to receive the attention and care that it really deserves from the brands. And there is no room for doubt about the increasingly strong alliance between marketing and technology

This is why there has also been an increase in searches, studies, and exploration about Martech  and what this innovative discipline can do for the technological empowerment of companies.

We have proposed with this post that you do not leave here without knowing exactly what Martech  is, and how to use it in your business. Are you ready? So let’s go!

What Is Martech ? How Is It Different From Adtech?

As an official definition, we can say that Martech is the union between the disciplines of marketing and technology. Landing this concept, we will say that it is the set of market techniques created from the reasoning of new technologies. In fact, it is said that any task focused on digital marketing corresponds to what is Martech and this marketing sector.

This technology applied to the market has turned offline advertising upside down, since the possibility of analyzing data is beginning to be infinite, as well as the possibility of personalization and automation. All this, as we will see later, is ensuring that businesses increasingly have much more global market competition, and their growth possibilities are scalable.

And this is the main reason why Martech  is becoming the main protagonist of any market strategy of any business. Today, there is no doubt that new technologies bring with them unlimited scope and profitability opportunities.

Understand and know your digital audience better

As we told you, there are many new tools and strategies that can help you better understand and get to know your target, your target audience or even potential customers that you could not have reached before.

In any digital marketing plan, as you know, you must have an area focused on studying the market and the target audiences that the brand must reach. And this is not as profitable if you do not carry out a prior analysis of users, social environment, market needs, and how your product or service solves it.

Increase the geographical areas of prospecting

Especially those businesses that have a geographically localized reach can attract more potential customers by exposing themselves on the Internet. And this is thanks to Martech, because having a website is not enough, since the possibility offered by advertising platforms to reach and sell to new targets is purely technological.

Increase traffic exponentially

Position yourself in the first results of Google! And nothing like good SEO practices to achieve it. Ranking your website is a long-term process of optimizing pages, content, URL architecture… But thanks to the technology provided by tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Google Analytics or Tool Planner, everything is much easier.

Is it worth betting on Martech  and implementing it in the digital sales plan for your brand?

4 Martech trends

We’re not done yet! It remains for us to reveal to you in which areas of Martech you should put a little more effort during the coming year to highlight your strategies. 

The speed at which new technologies are advancing makes us choose between two options: jump on the bandwagon and compete, or stay behind. And this last option can mean losing everything since we live in a world so digitized that those who do not have an online presence do not have a real presence.

  • Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has become a specialty within digital marketing for a year. And the reality is that, since the Smartphone is the means most used by the user to consume, it has become an essential element within any digital strategy, whatever the objectives, techniques, or budget.

And so much so, that some algorithms already take into account the mobile-friendly versions as the main one to understand that a site is optimized. Responsive design is key in these times. If you don’t have it, you’re late.

  • CloudMarketing

We ask you: does Salesforce ring a bell? A driving tool for Me2B, that is,  Me-to-Business.  It consists of the collection of data to manage the interaction of the brand with its public in a much more efficient way. And this is what Me2B refers to, that it is the users who choose which brands they want to consume, giving brands the opportunity to know what their customers or potential customers think of them and how to use this information to improve their positioning and get closer to the target that interests them.

  • Voice Assistance

The voice assistant has become this year a product with which to do marketing, which, without a doubt, will be specified and optimized more and more during the coming year. Some experts and professionals in digital marketing and new technologies already talk about SEO in voice search engines. Big changes are coming with this search engine optimization technique that will improve the user experience on the Internet.

  • Artificial intelligence

We’ve known for a while that  AI was making its way into the ranks of digital marketing.  Some of the biggest innovations in Artificial Intelligence applied to digital marketing are Heliograf, a tool created by the Washington Post to generate intelligent content and stories; personalization of e-mails and advertising campaigns; or machine learning and chatbots, although we have to admit that these need to improve a bit. Undoubtedly, the long growth of Artificial Intelligence is expected as a determining factor in some digital marketing strategies.

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