3 Keys To Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy: Email marketing is one of the most common techniques in online marketing. Over the years it has experienced ups and downs in its popularity as well as voices for and against its usefulness in attracting user attention.

To analyze the current context, we look at the data provided by HubSpot’s marketing trends study, which indicates that the majority of respondents who use email marketing (almost 80%) experienced growth in their engagement during the year. last year.

Likewise, it is noted that the majority of users continue to prefer to contact brands via email, with a return on investment (ROI) in this technique of around $42 for each one invested.

With this data as a basis we can see how email marketing should be essential in our online strategy. However, for our campaigns to have the desired result, it is important to work on them and optimize them with different tactics. In this text we will see three keys: integration, segmentation and experimentation.


Email marketing offers us many possibilities in terms of measurement and data analysis. With the right tools, such as good automation software, virtually any aspect of the campaign can be measured from the open or bounce rate to the number of conversions generated. But it also allows each user to be uniquely identified with a detailed description of their behavior and preferences.

Integration is the key to being able to take advantage of this data in the rest of our marketing actions, even extending to the sales department. For example, a correct integration of our mailing campaigns with the rest of the marketing strategies can serve as feedback to the content department about what type of texts have the most impact or can allow the sales team to identify hot leads with more possibilities of buys.


A good email marketing strategy does not have a single campaign that aims to meet the needs of all subscribers but is made up of different campaigns focused on different user profiles. With a good job of analysis and identification of the different subscriber profiles we can segment the campaigns and personalize them paying attention to the user’s interests or the moment of the stage of the sales cycle that they are in.

We can go one step further and use personalization tools that transform generic messages into emails tailored to each customer, including their name in the email, offering offers based on their behavior and geo location or based on past and/or recurring purchases. HubSpot has compiled some of the most common tactics to improve the results of email marketing campaigns, among which we can see segmentation, personalization or automation; among other.


Mailing tools have evolved in recent years, offering new possibilities that we can take advantage of to stand out from possible competitors. HubSpot highlights three key trends to experiment with our email marketing campaigns

Interactive emails

Instead of sending static emails, include interactive elements such as effects that can have a positive impact on the user experience, offering a fun touch to the emails.

Dark Mode

Change the colors and brightness used in the most common templates and replace them with the typical “night mode” ones. Fonts, clickable elements and icons in light colors on a black background.

AMP for emails

AMP is a mark that is included in the HTML of emails to give extra functionality to emails, enabling actions that can be performed directly without leaving the mailbox.

Email Marketing Strategy, a Key Element To Enhance Our Online Strategy

Email marketing offers a wide range of possibilities for companies in any sector. It gives us the opportunity to collect valuable data on different user profiles that we can take advantage of to optimize the rest of our online strategies.

Likewise, with correct segmentation based on analytics we can develop more effective campaigns capable of achieving great performance for our business.

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