Smarter Technology For The Next Reality

Smarter Technology

The smarter technology that is coming and that will help to make a difference in companies needs solid foundations. On this path there are some areas that cannot be neglected. We explain what they are.

Laying The Foundations

The next generation of IoT, and indeed IoS, will be based on: high-speed connectivity; virtual, augmented and mixed reality; the robotic; the haptics; and increasingly sophisticated sensors

Clearly, all of this smarter technology must rest on solid foundations, including servers, storage, networking, and virtualization technology.

So as your organization explores how to take advantage of the IoT and IoS, here we outline some of the areas to think about as you design those critical underlying technology platforms.

Edge Computing

Lightning-fast connectivity isn’t available everywhere. Even where it is, the importance of low latency in certain IoT and IoS applications means there will be situations where you need compute and storage in close proximity to your users; either on-site or at the edge of the network.

When choosing a platform, consider whether it offers the flexibility to deploy it in different places. What versatility does it have? Do you need a rack, or will it be enough to place it on a shelf or even mount it on a wall? Could it be fixed to a pole or a tree? Will your technology be used in demanding environments?

Freedom To Scale On Demand

We have all heard the predictions about the amount of data that the IoT will generate. Regardless of how you intend to take advantage of this interconnected world, you’ll need massive computing and storage capacity. Partly just to store and use the data your organization produces and collects as part of its regular business, but also to allow new initiatives to be tested and scaled up quickly, in response to emerging opportunities.

Make sure your technology platform offers easy access to this scalability and flexibility, wherever you need it.

Essential Simplicity

You want your people to focus on innovating, not managing increasingly complex technology ecosystems. Therefore, it is essential that your future technology platforms are simple to implement and easy to manage.

Can your entire distributed ecosystem, including your network, storage, compute, and hypervisor solutions, be managed centrally without relying on on-site experts?

Thanks To Reliability And Security

Knowing you won’t wake up to headlines about high-profile data breaches or IT failures gives you, as a technology leader, invaluable peace of mind. This guarantee is especially important when running security or vital applications.

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