SMEs And Freelancers Can Also Take Advantage Of Artificial Intelligence

SMEs And Freelancers

SMEs And Freelancers : It is evidence that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already transforming many businesses in various sectors. Specifically, the financial field has been one of the first business environments where its positive effects are noted in decision-making and in the improvement of the security of the multiple computer processes that entities use.

Despite this, there is still a lot of ignorance about these advances. In fact, what AI really is is still unknown. There are many definitions, but a good summary of them applied to business could be the following: it is the technology that allows automating processes by replicating human thought. In other words, it allows knowing emotions to streamline a good number of processes in companies .

This virtue grants multiple benefits to companies . The most obvious is to lower costs, since AI machines can take care of the most repetitive routines, freeing human staff from those tasks . In this way, companies can take advantage of these workers to perform a more productive and beneficial job for the company.

As if this were not enough reason to convince future businesses to bet on AI, it should be noted that, as happens in large corporations, it promotes efficiency and productivity by allowing certain jobs to be better developed. Although the main thing is that thanks to the understanding of the emotions that AI offers, it enables the entrepreneur to have a more positive interaction with the client .

However, there are important shortcomings (common in large and small companies) when it comes to incorporating AI into the day-to-day life of a company. One of the most common, and one that leads to failure, is to think that this technology is the responsibility of a single department or a single person, when in fact it should cover the entire workforce . Only in this way can the customer experience be improved, which will allow the company to reap greater benefits.

Main AI Platforms For SMEs And Freelancers

Artificial Intelligence, therefore, offers great advantages that SMEs should not miss. And even more so if one takes into account that the technology giants have already launched services and platforms adapted to the needs of small businesses . Some of the most interesting and economical are the ones discussed below.

Amazon SageMaker

The online commerce giant has put Amazon SageMaker at the service of SMEs. The tool allows better use of data, which increases the capacity and speed to create learning models that allow better understanding of the customer . In this way, products and services can be adapted with a greater guarantee of success.

Watson, the IBM solution

IBM Watson is a pay-per-use platform that has the virtue of helping businessmen to enhance their knowledge so that they are able to respond with a greater possibility of success to the questions that customers ask.

Oracle-specific databases

Oracle is also betting on SMEs in its AI strategy. Its proposal involves offering autonomous databases that are endowed with intelligence and that allow an SME to self-manage and self-repair in certain areas, clearly reducing human intervention, and with it costs.

Insights, the Microsoft spy

Microsoft’s Insights solution is a kind of spy that allows users’ behavior patterns to be automatically detected using the data they have . In this way, it offers suggestions to improve the relationship with them. It also has a function called Acronyms that remembers data and forms of behavior , which can also be very useful for freelancers.

As can be seen, SMEs have fewer and fewer excuses to delay incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their business model.

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