Five Tech Trends In 2022

Tech Trends

Tech Trends : In the last two years, technology has become the best ally to ensure business continuity and encourage remote work during the pandemic. Its importance within organizations has increased and is expected to continue to do so in 2022.

Now that a new year begins, we have dared to briefly analyze some of the trends that already gained momentum during 2021 and that will continue to dominate in 2022.

Edge Computing

You may not have realized it, but more and more electronic devices connected to the Internet (Internet of Things) surround us. We are no longer just talking about phones and cars, but also smart bulbs and plugs, microwaves that recognize voice commands or even key locators. With such a large number of devices connected to the network, it is clear that the amount of data (Big Data) they generate is incredibly high. 

This volume of data must be processed by servers, which are located in the cloud. But with a high level of connections like that of these devices, the servers may not have enough capacity to respond in a short time. That is where Edge Computing was born, which consists of bringing that cloud closer to the user, to the edge. In other words, it’s about bringing the ability to process and store data as close as possible to where that data is being generated. Thus, latency is reduced and traffic flow is speeded up, providing real-time data analysis. 

Artificial Intelligence

Not surprisingly, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more ubiquitous. It is not only present in technologies such as smartphones, but many industries are launching and looking for AI-driven solutions. Through machine learning methods and the analysis of massive data, companies will be able to anticipate and make predictions to make better decisions and develop new products or services. 

Its benefits are obvious and advances in sectors such as health or education thanks to it have made it a source of investment for many companies. But, with the growing presence of this, doubts and uncertainty arise. Thus, this 2022 the priority will be to provide artificial intelligence with principles so that companies adopt responsible practices and avoid bias or improper use.

No code

Also known as programming without code or visual programming, it is born from the need to create applications or software without the need to know programming. This creation is carried out through various tools, compatible with any project and with any area of ​​the company, also promoting collaboration between departments. It is a very useful and simple alternative for those people who do not have the necessary knowledge in terms of software development and programming. 

However, it can be limited when the applications to be developed are more complex. And, although it seems ironic, it will be the programmers themselves who will have to write those tools that will then be used by non-programmers. 

Hyper Automation

There will be no true digital transformation without hyper automation. This is born from the integration of various technologies, to highlight: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and robotic process automation (RPA). In this way, it will be possible to automate practically any business process, freeing people to perform repetitive and lower value tasks. Thus, they will be able to spend more time on tasks that require critical thinking, such as decision-making, emotional intelligence or creativity. 

In addition, hyper automation allows knowing the automation techniques in detail, the work they do, how they are coordinated and the possible existing combinations. Ultimately, it will improve workforce capacity, efficiency and productivity. 

Augmented reality – Metaverse

Virtual reality already exists, it has been present in the entertainment area or in aviation for years. But what comes now is another step. Again, artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies will serve to drive interaction between people, brands and objects. And it is inevitable to mention Mark Zuckerberg and his Metaverse. Although there is no solid prospect of his arrival, he promises to offer a new user experience, the like of which has never been seen before. 

But, it will also mean an advance for companies in the industrial sector, facilitating remote support; from the educational sector, with interactive experiences that improve learning performance; or in the health sector, with technologies that allow for more accurate diagnoses, for example. In summary, it will represent an optimization of resources, costs and effort for those companies or sectors that develop and implement it. 


These are not the only trends that will mark this 2022. We will continue talking about the rise of 5G, the hybrid cloud and cloud-native platforms will continue to gain presence. And we cannot forget that cybersecurity will become a priority for many companies after it becomes clear that any sector is vulnerable and can be the subject of a cyberattack. 

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