5 Tips That Will Help You If You Want To Attract Customers And Increase The Visibility Of Your Business


The world’s most downloaded app, TikTok, is already helping small companies succeed. This social media platform allows entrepreneurs to connect with their customers through short, dynamic videos, and in some cases, make them viral to reach a wider audience.

Marketing your business on TikTok costs less and is easier than on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. In addition, it is easier to go viral, since it is not based on complex algorithms or the number of followers.

“The best thing for business owners right now is that you don’t really need to have a huge following,” says Michael Sánchez, a TikTok marketing expert

Below, offers 5 tips for entrepreneurs who want to market their businesses on TikTok and attract customers through the platform.

Focus On That Star Product

Compared to other social networks, TikTok’s requirements are easy and simple: Create a quick and not very convoluted video. It can be fun, useful or inspiring, it just has to be entertaining.

“Instagram wants you to do many things: live videos, IGTV, reels, stories and posts,” says Sánchez. There are too many things to accomplish well, and most small firms don’t seem to have the personnel, time, or staff to do everything at once.

TikTok is unique in that users don’t need to build up engagement or an audience to end up on people’s “For You” page, the main screen where the platform suggests videos it thinks you’ll like.

“The way in which the content is shown to the audience has nothing to do with the rapport and the lifespan of the profile,” says the expert. All you need is something positive.

This is how the algorithms of the main social networks work: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and TikTok

Consume TikTok Content

Although it seems obvious, Sánchez assures that the first step to creating good content is to actually watch the videos on TikTok “That was true in 2017, but now it has changed and evolved.”

The expert suggests spending 10 minutes a day watching TikTok. Then, pay attention to what your competitors are doing, such as the hashtags they use and what people say in the comments of their best videos.

“People have biases and assumptions, they create what they think is going to work, and then it doesn’t,” he says. “Doing research going in, before you even start creating, is a really important step.”

Keep Your Videos Short

Sánchez suggests keeping your videos as short as possible, between 10 and 15 seconds if you’re just starting out. Next, he looks at the analytics TikTok offers to test what works, paying close attention to your average watch time.

If your average viewing time is 20 seconds, make all your videos that length.

Unite Your Audience Through Stories

TikTok has shown the importance of mixing your personal brand and your business.

Business owners tell Sanchez that customers who watch their TikToks often engage with them as if they know them personally. “It is a unique opportunity to tell stories in a more authentic way and connect with people,” he says.

Social networks aspire to be the showcase of the future: this is how Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok seek to become the center of electronic commerce

Look For Content Ideas On Pinterest

Search for trending topics and content ideas on Pinterest instead of Google, where the results may be too broad. The first results on Pinterest are the most engaged, so it’s an easy way to know what’s working. For example, the image indicates what visually attracts clicks, and the text serves as inspiration for the video caption.

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