The Importance Of Direct Marketing In The Digital Age

Direct Marketing

The importance of direct marketing in the digital age is mentioned in the article.

Why Trust Direct Marketing?

Advertising  is something  that surrounds us and is in our lives from the beginning of the day until it ends. We find advertising inside our house, on the mobile when we get up, when we read the newspaper, on the marquees, the posters, the radio and even in the sky. Our daily experience shows that there are hardly any places that have not become advertising media .

According to global technical studies, a person is exposed 3,000 times a day to all kinds of ads, which means more than a million hits a year, of which only 12% stay in their heads. This causes users to feel approached by brands and saturated by the amount of information that reaches them and is not relevant to them, triggering just the opposite effect: a lot of information is ignored.

One of the challenges facing  marketing  and  advertising today  is, therefore, to get to know customers better , who are increasingly different from each other, buy for very different reasons, want to hear different things and They have very diverse interests. The company that knows all these variables closely will be able to carry out effective advertising , with more personalised content and will better deliver the information so that it is not lost along the way.

Considering that the current trend is towards more personalised advertising , more and more companies are using direct marketing strategies . These allow you to create personal communication with each client and maintain it over time thanks to the information management it performs, for example, through databases and contact channels for the recipient. In this way, you can tailor offers and communications to the needs of narrowly defined segments.

Channels To Carry Out Direct Marketing Actions

Direct marketing prioritises customer needs and deals with offering a quick response. To do this, it uses means or systems of direct contact . This communication can have many different formats and, with the arrival of the digital age, the number of channels for direct marketing actions such as emailing, mailing, telemarketing, QR codes.

Email Marketing

Email marketing consists of the systematic sending of emails . Sending interesting content that pleases or excites customers is essential if we want our emails to be read and not marked as “spam”. It is low cost and highly effective if you have a good database. In addition, the response is usually very fast.


It is the telephone contact with your potential clients to explain the services or products of the company. Telephone communication allows immediate knowledge, in the same development of the conversation with the client, the results obtained. You can also individually resolve the questions and objections raised by the client.


It allows the interests of companies and customers to be combined, since on the one hand companies sell more and, on the other, customers buy at a discount.


Mailing is the direct marketing service par excellence , and this type of communication campaign allows reaching the homes of the entire target audience of a company or brand, in addition to attracting new customers who require a certain service or direct them at the point of sale.

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