Google Bets On The Metaverse, Announces Devices


Metaverse : Like every year, Google ‘s developer conference , Google I/O , brings us the latest news on Android and its search services. After two years celebrating it remotely, in 2022 it has been in person again at the Mountain View amphitheater, and despite the fact that most of the inaugural talk by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has focused on new advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to the product the new devices that we will see between 2022 and 2023.

Augmented Reality Glasses For The Metaverse

Nobody, in a presentation of more than two hours has mentioned the word ‘ metaverse ‘ in a totally intentional way, thus distancing itself from the proposal and hype of Facebook, although many of the new features announced are perfectly applicable in that area.

The prototype of Augmented Reality glasses that we could see in the last seconds of the presentation was probably the best of all the talk, glasses like the ones we all imagine, with a completely normal appearance, showing a clear and color screen.

New Smartphones

The Google Pixel 6a is the mid-range version of the phones that Google released last year. It will arrive in many countries in the summer for 459 usds. It retains the design of the series, double camera, same Tensor processor, same Titan M2 security chip and 6.1-inch screen. That is why it will have all the functionalities that characterize Pixels, such as the magic eraser, automatic subtitles, real-time translation or the recorder.

The differences with the Pixel 6 are in the screen, which is a little smaller, 6.1 inches, and the refresh rate drops from 90hz to 60hz. In the camera, the main sensor goes from 50 megapixels to 12.2, loses the focus LDAF sensor, and, finally, the RAM memory is also cut from 8 to 6 GB.

Both phones will ship with the first Google-designed smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, which we don’t know much about either, just that it has a round screen and large black bezels. It will be integrated with Google Wallet, the assistant, Maps and Home natively, and that in the sports aspect they have the Fitbit experience and application.

Both devices will come out with the new features of Android 13, which is now available in beta mode, with new products such as Google Wallet, a digital wallet that they hope will even allow you to carry your identity card, cards or plane tickets, and if possible, even more customization in all aspects of the operating system, such as, for example, you can choose the language for each application.

Headphones And A Tablet

The Pixel Buds are updated with a Pro version, without a launch date with active noise cancellation technology, 11 hours of autonomy, multipoint connectivity to connect with several devices at the same time and ambient sound mode to let the sound through from the outside. Its price, 219 usds.

The big surprise was Google’s first tablet: the Pixel Tablet. It will be launched in 2023 and, during the presentation, only a little design could be seen, but it will reflect all the integration of Android 13 for tablets, with adapted notifications, or native applications such as YouTube, Maps, Chat, Tiktok or Facebook, designed for the big screen.

Google also continues to work on the multi search that it announced last year, that is, that we can search by grouping different search methods, for example, text and image, where proximity searches are now included, and also in its assistant, where, for For example, the Nest Hub from now on will not need to say ‘Ok Google‘, just look at them to start talking to the assistant, or when using the most common phrases such as ‘set alarm’ there is no need to use keywords Of start.

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