4 Point Of Sale Advertising Trends

Point Of Sale Advertising Trends

Sale Advertising Trends : The year is full of news in the world of marketing and advertising and without a doubt, advertising at the point of sale will be more necessary than ever. Due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, consumer habits are constantly changing and brands and stores must adapt to survive.

This situation has caused users to be subject to restrictions and must maintain social distancing. In addition, they work with fewer employees in stores, with fewer sales agents to assist customers and time restrictions have caused visits to decrease.

As a consequence of the protocols in stores derived from these restrictions, physical purchases have undergone important changes, since now customers must complete their purchases as quickly as possible.

There is less time to impact, therefore, we must take advantage of the new possibilities that are presented to us in this new year.

1. Consolidation of the digital POS

In a pandemic context where touch, smell, and taste are limited for security reasons, the POS stands as a key action in the retail world to promote customer purchases through interactive formats.

In this way, digital transformation should be the basis of advertising at the point of sale, as it will also generate a more entertaining and guided purchasing process.

Among the most common supports for this purpose, we can find interactive mirrors, within which we distinguish between digital displays and touch screens.

These interactive mirrors allow the incorporation of augmented reality where, for example, they can show in a store how a garment will look without having to try it on. In addition, this format can make it possible to order sizes and colors of different garments, even paying for an order.

On the other hand, the displays contain relevant information that links users to the brand’s products, offers, and social networks. It is also necessary to implement QR codes in the display of products so that the customer can access exclusive information with his smartphone, an ideal way to bet on the audiovisual power of the PLV through innovations such as interaction and gamification.

2. Ecological POS materials

The use of ecological materials in exhibitors such as fictitious displays and stoppers has been a popular trend for several years to raise awareness of caring for the environment.

The use of cardboard has become the protagonist of the displays and stoppers. This material allows you to recreate temporary displays that are used during a promotional campaign. This is highly valued by customers, which is why it is important to continue betting on this material.

Another way to care for the environment and reduce the company’s budget is by using a multifunctional POS so that the same product display can be used as a tabletop or floor display in just a few steps and adapted to different spaces.

3. Analysis of retail metrics

 Data is vital when designing advertising at the point of sale. To measure the effectiveness of implementations, we can install cameras or sensors at key points in the store or space. Thus, it will be possible to know which product causes more or less interest, but not sales.

All this allows brands to perfect their commercial and advertising strategies, in such a way that we add value to the POS and improve shopper marketing.

4. Interior design in POS material

 Follow this trend for 2022 and it is not surprising. We have to capture the attention of visitors and convert them into buyers, which is why the POS material must be integrated with the furniture of a store through signs, prints, and/or decoration pieces. We can also use frames that function as mosaics, luminous objects, or shelves to denote the presence of a brand.

It is important to know the characteristics of the sector when implementing these trends. At Neolaser we are specialized in POS and commercial furniture and we have professionals specializing in design, production, and installation to translate your brand’s ideas into tailored actions and results. Count on us!

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