How To Choose The Best Phone With A Good Camera?

How To Choose The Best Phone With A Good Camera

A good camera phone is very useful in our daily life. With it we can photograph and film special moments, in addition to using it for professional purposes. But choosing a camera is never easy! It is necessary to observe elements such as the resolution and characteristics of the lenses

Brands like Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple offer cell phones with great cameras! And to help you choose the model that suits you best, we have prepared a purchase tutorial and selected the best cell phones with a good camera in.

To choose the best phone with a good camera, first look at the operational characteristics of the product, such as RAM and processor. Also check camera resolution for photos and videos, lens details, additional features, and other items.

A digital image is made up of many points called pixels , which together make up the image. The more pixels it has, the better we can see its details. So, to know if a camera has good quality, we need to check how many pixels its sensor can capture.

Taking into account that 1 million pixels are equivalent to a megapixel, the ideal is to acquire a diversified product. Nowadays, most cameras have 2 or more rear lenses ranging from 12 MP to 108 MP. The  front lenses have a lower resolution, ranging from 10 MP to 32 MP.

Types Of Lenses To Capture Photos At Different Angles

A smartphone can have up to 5 rear lenses , each of which plays a role in capturing the image. Each lens has a specific function, such as focal length or image width. Here are the main ones:

Wide: Offers a wider field of view than standard lenses, ideal for landscape photography;

Ultra Wide: further widens the image’s field of view, increasing depth of field and focus, making it ideal for panoramic photography;

Macro: Captures good quality photos from a close distance, making it ideal for looking at details;

Telephoto: with it it is possible to enlarge the image without losing the details;

Depth lens: ensures a sense of depth in the image and is used to photograph distant objects.

The more lenses the phone has, the more possibilities it will offer and, in addition, the more expensive it will be . If you love shooting flowers, you should invest in the macro lens, if you like capturing images of nature, you prefer the wide lens, etc. So always keep in mind what your needs are.

In addition, it is always important to take into account the aperture rate of the lens, expressed by the letter f. A higher aperture rate, like f/1.5, will let in more light, ideal for night shots. A lower aperture rate of f/2.4 is ideal for images on the beach, where there is no need for light. 

We can find openings of f / 2.4, f / 2.2, f / 2.0, f / 1.9, f / 1.8, f / 1.7 and f / 1.5. Thus, the ideal is to have a cell phone with more lenses, each with a different aperture rate, so that the user can photograph all kinds of landscapes.

Cameras that record in 4K or 8K offer high-quality video. It is important to check the video recording resolution. Ultra Full HD (8K) and Ultra HD (4K) recordings offer the best quality and are recommended for those looking to shoot professional video. The Full HD and  HD models record medium quality videos, being recommended for daily use.

Another important point is to check the standard rate of FPS (frames per second). The higher this rate, the better the video quality. The most common are cameras with 30 FPS, but the most robust register with 60 FPS . And do not forget to take into account these details in both the front and rear camera.

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