Entrepreneurial Ideas That Help Prevent And Fight Fires

Entrepreneurial Ideas That Help Prevent And Fight Fires

Entrepreneurial Ideas : Every summer there is talk of thousands of hectares of burnt forest, of people dying due to a fire, and of thousands of families who lose all their assets for the same reason. Far from ignoring the problem, entrepreneurs, used to putting out fires, are also looking for ideas that really want to put an end to this problem.

Drone Hopper, Drones With A High Load Capacity

Drone Hopper is an innovative company that designs and manufactures high-load capacity drones, with night operation, to replace the conventional aerial means used to date to fight fires, allowing many aerial jobs to be carried out that, today, are not done and replacing more expensive ones that already exist, such as seaplanes. Another advantage is that they minimize the risk to the people involved in extinguishing the fire.

The startup, linked to the UC3M business incubator and led by aeronautical engineer Pablo Flores, already has a large fleet of drones that can stay in the air and fight fires. Drones are also used for other purposes, such as aerial spraying of large-scale crops.

Control Foc: Fire Control And Prevention

Working hand in hand with the City Council of Alcoi (Alicante), the company Aures TI Consultors SL has developed Control Foc, a tool that provides traceability of agricultural burning to forest agents and firefighters so that they can have them geolocated, which prevents fires caused by uncontrolled fires.

This is a software developed to monitor the management of controlled burning, thus reducing the risk of forest fires. Control Foc is an application designed for the bodies responsible for burning management. It is a way of preventing forest fires, since most of these fires are caused by man, as a result of uncontrolled agricultural burning.

Joker: Devices That Facilitate The Work Of Firefighters

At Comodín they develop ergonomic handles and devices that adapt to all types of utensils and can be adjusted to suit the professionals. In the specific area of ​​fires, they have TOT-TRITON , devices for forestry tools, and spearhead maneuvers that allow the force to be relaxed thanks to a silent block system that absorbs vibrations and shocks, thus achieving higher yields while reducing fatigue time. Likewise, version 2 TOT-TRITO saves water, favors the intervention of fewer operators, reduces stress in high-risk circumstances, and has ergonomic help in line transfers. In addition, they are designed for lefties and righties.

They also take into account that firefighters perform many incorrect postures in the usual tasks in firefighting, such as lifting weights that cause injuries to the head, arms, legs, hands, or back.

The GISteria: The Evolution Of Fires In Real-time

The GISteria has created a satellite map that allows the evolution of fires to be followed in real-time. It is a Basque company that is an expert in data visualization and cartographic information, producing all kinds of satellite maps. In the case of fires, the tool is where firefighters and the resident population close to the fire can consult the evolution and situation of the fire at that time. 

The map combines the use of official data on the Fires in Spain captured by NASA’s VIIRS (Visible Infrared Image Radiometer), a sensor that allows fires to be detected and is housed on the Suomi NPP satellite.

Alexander Pereda is the founder of La GIStería, a company that he manages as a freelancer and in which he the collaborates with other freelancers specialized in various fields of design to cover different client needs. According to La GIStería, 80% of the information can be found on a map.

Pyro: Control And Extinction Technologies

Pyro Fire Extinction is a Valencian company specializing in the development of control and extinction technologies that offer greater capacity to anticipate and respond to forest fires, generating safer spaces for people and the environment. 

In this sense, the company offers specialized products, such as portable fire-extinguishing backpacks or fire-fighting preparations, as well as solutions for monitoring forest fires. In this section, they have tools such as Bseed WATCH, a forest fire detection system that uses monitoring technology, made up of forest sensors and an online platform that collects stores, and displays information in real-time. Each sensor is completely independent and capable of autonomously measuring, analyzing, and sending information and alerts. 

Agristarbio: Fertilizer To Regenerate The Soil

Agristarbio aims to produce a fertilizer that regenerates the soil, protects water, and prevents greenhouse gas emissions from organic biosolids, recycling all organic matter and nutrients without consequently producing by-products or emissions.

The problem they address stems from the scant cleaning of the forests with the consequent accumulation of fuel materials, which increases the risk of forest fires, exposing the soils that are not very resistant to drought and erosion. To combat it, they propose the production of fertilizers with up to 60% organic matter that regenerates the soil, helping to prevent fires, through the use of biomass from forest cleaning in its production process.

Minsait: Early Detection In The Proximity Of Power Lines

The Minsait company has developed a solution for Iberdrola that will detect the presence of fire in the vicinity of power lines and notify Iberdrola’s Distribution Operations Center. This, in turn, will allow the authorities and fire departments to be informed early, as well as to undertake preventive actions to minimize the impact on customers and disconnect the lines in the area to avoid further damage. In this way, it also seeks to support environmental organizations with critical information that allows identifying the origin of the fire.

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