Chatbots: Keys To Process Optimization


Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence is shaping the way companies communicate, both internally and with their consumers. The adoption of systems with AI is a fundamental step for the improvement in the automation of processes necessary to achieve success in the digital transformation of organizations.

Benefits Of Using Chatbots

As the data indicated above shows, more and more companies are committed to integrating Chatbots into their work chain. Here are 10 great benefits you’ll get from adopting these systems in your work environment:

Better Lead Generation Using Chatbots

By integrating chatbots, your company will have the ability to use personalized messages for your customers throughout their journey in the marketing and sales funnel. The system will guide the consumer, recommending the best option at each step and prompting quick decision-making.

Chatbots ask users questions, persuading visitors and optimizing lead generation. In this way, you will ensure that the flow of customers is traveling in the right direction, to obtain the highest conversion rates.

Cost Savings

Annually, Contact Centers receive more than 265,000 million interactions, which economically translates into expenses of more than 1,200 million euros.

This volume of requests puts a lot of pressure on the agents when it comes to getting all the requests closed.

Thanks to the use of Chatbots and virtual assistants, customer service costs in the Contact Center can be reduced by 30% in a year .

24/7 Automated Customer Support (Chatbots)

Nobody likes to be waiting and the same thing happens to your client.

Chatbots can connect with consumers to respond to their interactions 24/7.

Decrease In Times

Chatbots will strengthen your company and help save time, since these systems are capable of offering first-level support, filtering your customer’s requests.

If the chatbot is trained, it can resolve the interaction with the user without requiring human intervention. 

On the other hand, if necessary, the chatbot could send the connection with the client to the corresponding team, greatly reducing the time in the processes of your organization.

Increased Engagement Of Your Consumers

Keeping customers engaged with your company is one of the decisive factors to consolidate the success of your brand over time.

The more committed a customer is to your brand, the more they will increase their spending on the products and services offered by your company

Chatbots boost your brand engagement with the audience:

Customers expect to receive personalized interactions and Chatbots are excellent tools to achieve that goal.

  • Chatbots offer immediate answers to user questions.
  • It improve the user experience.
  • Improve the customer experience.

Improved Productivity

Chatbots are a radical change in the communication of organizations. Companies can use these systems to improve the experience of consumers, but also with the processes of their team.

With the adoption of Chatbots, it will not completely replace human interaction, but it will improve the effectiveness of your agents to increase productivity.

These are some of the factors that will benefit the productivity of your teams with the use of Chatbots:

Improved average resolution time – Chatbots resolve customer queries in real time and dramatically improve response time.

Reduced time to first response – Chatbots answer general FAQs in a first interaction and help your business save on customer service expenses.

Increased number of accepted requests – Chatbots can easily scale when conversations increase without losing any connection.

Efficiency in number of issues resolved – With chatbots, basic customer queries can be answered and the number of support tickets currently handled by human staff will be reduced.


Typically, companies that offer only live agent support tend to work in the dark about workloads and take huge risks as they don’t know exactly when they will need to add more agents to the workforce.

In addition, hiring more human agents means increasing expenses in the company’s infrastructure, also associating them with training expenses and a high investment of time. With this in mind, chatbots may be the best way to mitigate those risks.

Improved Customer Experience (Chatbots)

On a regular basis, many companies tend to offer customer support only by phone or email. This means that when a customer reports their problem, they only receive a response when a human agent receives the ticket and contacts the consumer.

With chatbots and launching proactive conversations, you’ll also make your customers feel like your brand cares about them. This will improve the perception of your company in the long run. You’ll convert your customers into loyal fans and keep your community associated with your brand for a long time.

Human Error Reduction

The adoption of Chatbots in your company will serve to standardize tasks and procedures.

In addition, it is inevitable that human errors occur when executing certain tasks. With a chatbot you will be able to reduce these situations almost to zero.

Hybrid Systems

The fusion of the capabilities of the chatbot , together with the expertise and skills of its human team, is the perfect combination to achieve success.

Using a chatbot, you will be able to automate tasks 24/7. But there may be cases in which the chatbot cannot identify the intention or that the user prefers the connection with a human, in which case a hybrid system can be carried out.

Complex queries or queries that require in-depth discussion can be handled by human agents in a chat, making the human’s work more inspiring and rewarding, while the chatbot continues to serve other customers with other types of frequent queries.  


In this article we have discussed ten points to take into account in your company, to optimize automation processes with Chatbots .

As you can see, there are more benefits than drawbacks to implementing and adopting this technology.

Chatbots can be used in a large number of industries and sectors, companies of all sizes can benefit from their use.

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