Differences Between Google Home And Alexa

Google Home vs Alexa

Google Home vs Alexa from Amazon Echo, the battle of home voice assistants has only just begun.

What You Want Is A Music Player?

Openly admit it, you really want a 90% music player, 10% voice assistant. If this is your case, you have to know that, if in the end you are going to end up using it as a music player or podcasts, it is best that you opt for a bluetooth speaker, you will have a better sound than the one offered by a voice assistant.

Alexa and Google Home are focused on offering another type of service, although they also have to provide optimal sound, they do not necessarily reproduce music with the same quality as a speaker.

If You Are 100% From Google

If you have everything with Google: mail, calendar, maps, notes, it will be much more practical for you Google Home or Google Home mini, the version reduced in size and price, it’s only difference lies in the sound quality (it is a bit less than that of his older brother), but the features of the voice assistant are the same. You already know that intelligence is in the cloud, or as my mother would say: “in the clouds” come on, on Google servers.

You Are A Regular Amazon Shopper

If what you want is to buy without stopping and out loud, of course with Echo devices it will be much faster, because, “magically” you will be accessing your Amazon account to which you have linked your card. This is very useful to make the purchase, you will only have to say: “Alexa buy coffee” when you have little left to finish.

In addition to buying (be careful if the children in the house learn to do it)  you can check the status of your products and more information about your account.

Amazon also has several Echo models, all with Alexa in command and they basically differ in their sound quality or if they have a screen.

How Much Do Google Home And Amazon Echo Cost?

At the price level there is not much difference if you compare between similar models of both brands. Prices range from $30 to $230 . Among all the models of Echo (Amazon) and the two of Google you will be able to find your option.

Smart objects

If the Internet of Things has already arrived at your home and you have objects that connect to the Internet, you should check which device they are compatible with and the same if you plan to buy new ones. This is very important if you want to design a smart home in the near future.

What words activate Google Home and Amazon Echo?

To activate Google Home use “Ok Google”. Here comes the novelty! Since May, you can also use “Hey Google” to activate it. There were many criticisms from customers towards the “Ok Google” command, it did not seem very natural to them.

Check your house when you are not

And finally, before getting into its features, you should know what scope they have. If one of your requirements is to know what is happening in your house when you are not there, be sure to read the following:

If it happens to you like us that every time you leave home you think that you have left the light, TV, hair straightener or air conditioning on, you have to know that you can only access that information through Google Home. In fact, not only is it capable of telling you if they are on or off, you can also have them disconnect or connect, depending on what you need. This is very useful to activate the heating if you return from a trip, turn on the light before you get home and, of course, turn off the vitro.

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