Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners You Can Buy In 2022

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If what you were looking for is a first-rate robot vacuum cleaner, one of the best on the market right now, you can’t miss this list that we leave for you.

All of them are capable of making a map of our floors to carry out a much more effective cleaning, in addition to the fact that they are all capable of interacting with our mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

Some are compatible with Alexa or other virtual assistants, in addition to the fact that all of them incorporate the latest sensors from each of the brands that manufacture them.

Due to levels of finish, noise or power, they are the best that is currently being sold for you, in addition to the fact that all of them can deal with situations as embarrassing as carpets or pet hair.

iRobot Roomba i7556

Robot vacuum cleaner with Clean Base automatic emptying base , which is capable of mapping the entire house and recognizing objects, which is priced at 917.41 usds .

Dirt Detect technology allows your Roomba robot to detect the dirtiest areas of your home. It is capable of distinguishing different types of floors and is compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Roborock Q7 MAX

This version with an emptying station is priced at 769.99 usds.

The Dock Pure 2.5 Liter Self Sealing Disposable Dust Collection Bag is an E12 rated air filter with a polypropylene handle. 

It has a maximum suction power of 4,200 Pa, a constant scrubbing pressure of 300 grams, a PreciSense Lidar system for better precision, 3D mapping of the house and several cleaning programs.

Dreame W10

Robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner, that is, a 4 in 1, since it mops, sweeps, scrubs and vacuums for 1,099.99 usds.

In addition to its emptying base, its 4,000 Pa of suction power, its compatibility with Alexa and the app, autonomy reaches up to an exceptional 170 minutes, more than enough time to vacuum.

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95

You can scrub with the Smart Aqua Force mop system, sweep with its 2 side brushes for corners, and deep clean with its 3 central brushes for all types of surfaces. The price is 499.99 usds.

The Animal Turbo motorized brush is designed in two materials (silicone and Nylon) to capture pet hair and the special Animal Scrub mop cleans the toughest stains. 

It has a range of 120 minutes and 4 power modes. (Echo, Standard, High, Boost).

Ultenic T10

State-of-the-art laser vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner with a suction power of 3,000 Pa with a self-emptying base that costs 459 usds, thanks to a 28% discount.

It has intelligent mapping, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, it has a remote control, as well as a mobile application and a truly amazing autonomy of 280 minutes.

Yeedi Vac Station

It is capable of scrubbing, mopping, sweeping and sucking, worth 499.99 usds.

In addition, it has a very effective carpet detection system, another navigation system, visuals for maps, WiFi, compatibility with Alexa and a range of 200 minutes.

It carries a Visual-SLAM optical camera on top for navigation and mapping, which also allows it to be lower than conventional laser models.

Neato Robotics D9

Robot vacuum cleaner with a combined spiral brush, 70% larger than that of round robots. Its price is 799.99 usds.

It can be programmed so that it starts up whenever you want, when you already have a map made we can choose which areas we want it to pass through and which areas it doesn’t, in addition to a system that differentiates the type of soil. Its autonomy reaches up to 200 minutes, plenty of time.

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