What Is The Difference Between CRM, Experience, And Customer Service?


Difference Between CRM, Experience, And Customer Service : The terms CRM, user experience, and customer service often tend to get confused. However, these are aspects of sales marketing, which offer differentiated functionalities within your business or company.

In this post, you will identify in detail the main elements and characteristics of these terms.

Customer Service

When talking about customer service, this refers to all the management that includes the storage of contacts, and the sales executed. Customer service includes everything related to support, attention, and contact services. This is what is commonly known as a customer service center, or call center. Contrary to what many business entrepreneurs think, this tool is essential to increase the number of customers, and also, their satisfaction.

For this reason, the property withholding tax product of praiseworthy claim management regarding clients is more expensive than due attention. In the same order of ideas, the term has recently been added, Customer Success, which encompasses all the functionalities of customer service.

Today many businesses establish competitions and even disputes around the vast universe of customers. In this sense, it has become very important to attract customers and associate them with your brand or business.

Next, you will know some examples regarding the demands that are appearing, in the various market segments:

Customers always expect the qualified staff that attends them to provide them with the tools to satisfy their requirements and needs.

In addition, they hope to get the right suggestions from these professionals, in order to improve their purchasing processes.

Customers and users also want to have certain service guarantees, in order to choose the relevant purchase channels. These guarantees include Email, social networks, and mobile apps, among others.


CRM or customer relationship management includes certain advanced technology processes and various tools, in order to coordinate customer service procedures. This includes the following departments: Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales. In turn, this software will allow your business to:

Execute the management of leads and clients, in the various points of contact (client-company), such as: 

Chat, social networks, and email, among others.

Get a centralized view of the data and information of all customers and prospects. Integrating customer service and sales, in a unified platform. And all this, with the aim of expanding and increasing collaboration between the various departments and services. This will undoubtedly optimize the experience of customers and prospects.

The one that you can implement is the control panel at the management level, which contains information on the sales funnel, the respective customer satisfaction figures, and the performance of the respective vendors.

Customer Experience

With respect to the customer experience, this term has driven the expansion of what CRM traditionally represents. And this has happened, since this software currently integrates predictive intelligence, during the customer’s life cycle. Regarding the management of the customer experience, it uses advanced technology to:

Understand all the processes and stages of the customer experience. Among these are the sales procedures (from the beginning to the delivery of the product or service, including collection).

The one that your employees can identify the opportunities. In this way, your company or business will become productive and proactive. As an example of this, we have aviation companies. These are responsible for automatically notifying their users when they have lost luggage. In addition, they provide the necessary instructions for the restitution of these belongings.

It is dedicated to creating online groups or communities, in order to strengthen the service provided on social networks. Here each client or user can help the rest by seeking the support of a specialist from your company.

The functionality related to the customer experience will need more analysis and a more advanced CRM, which contains the information of all customers and prospects.

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