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Ok Google Lumos

Ok Google Lumos : Are you a Harry Potter admirer? If you’re, you have probably ever lip-synced with the magicians, especially when they cast spells to light on and off the wand lights. If so, the word Lumos might sound familiar. And now you can make the magic work on your smartphone! If you have been searching the internet on how to activate or use the Lumos trick on your phone, well, you can relax. In the article, you learn everything about Ok Google Lumos and how to activate and use it on your smartphone.

What’s New?

The next generation of Google Assistant is here, called Ok Google Lumos. Why should you care? Well, we already know it can help us with our routines. With more and more people becoming reliant on technology to simplify their lives, they need a way to keep up with their busy lives. 

And, Ok Google is one way to do so. Ok Google Lumos is a revolutionary keyboard for Google Assistant and devices built around it. It’s only been around for a few months but has completely changed how I use my smartphone. Ok Google Lumos is an extension that lets you unlock your phone with your voice. It also provides handy shortcuts to some of our favourite Google services, like turning on Wi-Fi, turning on airplane mode, and even using the flashlight! Another benefit of Ok Google Lumos is that it is available on all new Pixel devices.

What Is “Ok Google Lumos”?

Google announced in 2016 that its phones would support some Harry Potter spells. At the time, the tech giant and Warner Bros were celebrating the release of Fantastic Beasts. They also added four brand-new locations to Google, “Where to Find Them,” offering real street views that take viewers into the world depicted in the movie.

Rumours have it that Google wanted a way to reckon the reunion of Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. To do this, they went on to launch and add this interesting Google Lumos feature to their unlimited Google Assistant features. The word Lumos was a spell used severally in Harry Potter Noves and films. In the movie, the magicians would cast the word ‘Lumos Maxima ‘on the wand, and the tip would light up, which they would use to see in the dark. When the magician cast the spell word “Nox,” the wand’s light would go off. Google and Warner Bros used the “spell words” to design this amazing feature. Now, Android users use the Google assistant feature. When you say, “Ok Google, Lumos,” your flashlight turns on. When you want to switch it off, say “Nox”-the Assistant says,” turning the flashlight off.” If you’re an iPhone user, use your Siri app, and you’ll have the same results. But what steps must you follow to cast some Harry Potter spell?

How To Turn On And Off Your FlashLight With Spell Word “Ok Google Lumos”: For Android Users?

We saw that the “Ok Google Lumos” feature has been available for all Pixel devices. And android users are included. So if you want to turn on your flashlight, here are the simple steps, but there is a catch: You need to be connected to the internet!

So, who’s ready to be a wizard? Let’s get to cast some spells! Ok Google Lumos

  • On your Android phone, open up the Google Assistant app.
  • You’ll find multiple buttons, one of which looks like a microphone. Tap on the microphone so the Assistant can record your voice search.  
  • When some four dots starts running up, say your words.
  • You can either say one of these words, Hey Google Lumos, Ok Google Lumos, or Lumos Maxima, to turn your flashlight on.
  • Your Google Assistant will say, “turning the flashlight on.”
  • Your flashlight turns on immediately.

To turn your Android flashlight off,

  • Tap on the microphone or speaker.
  • Say, “Nox.”
  • Your Google Assistant; “turning the flashlight off.”
  • Your flashlight turns off immediately.

How To Turn On And Off Your FlashLight With Spell Word “Ok Google Lumos”: For iPhone Users?

If you have an iPhone instead of a Google Assistant, you’ll have Siri. Siri is the virtual Assistant you’ll use to activate the spell words Ok Google Lumos. As with Android phones, you don’t have to change the settings on your iPhone. Make sure that “always listen” is selected on your iPhone for “Hey Siri.” The settings are accessible in the Availability segment of Settings. It will start working automatically once you activate it.

To turn on your flashlight, open your Siri app.

  • Cast the spell word “hey Siri, Lumos Maxima, Lumos, or Lumos Maxima.
  • Your iPhone flashlight turns on immediately.
  • Now, let’s switch it off. Say “Nox,” and your flashlight goes off faster than you can snap your finger.

When I do this, I get a real sense of magic happening in my hands. Mainly when I had to floss before my friends before they got to understand the trick. It is, without a doubt, an odd experience. You can also get to floss with your friends. If you keep up with how technology evolves, you can notice that Artificial Intelligence has made impossible things possible. So why delay? You can experience the thrill of magic using your smartphone by performing the trick for yourself. Go through the steps one by one as directed.

Keeping Up With Harry Potter: Becoming An Actual Wizard

Besides the two flashlight tricks, some tricks will help you become an actual wizard, just like Harry Potter. The magic spells are from Hogwarts too. So what other magic tricks from the Harry Potter series can you use on your smart devices?

Ok, Google, Silencio

Another way to control your smartphone using the Harry Potter spells is Silencio! Feels like a fantasy. No, this is so true and real, just sourced from a fantasy series and novel. Silencio is a charm that silences your media and brings up the volume slider for more settings. It sets the volume to zero for all of your media. 

Say “Alohomora”

Alohomora is another magician word in the Harry Potter novel and series we will examine. Here is the charm or unlocking spell he used when the magicians wanted to open the doors. Google has developed a door-unlocking feature based on the same concept. The feature integrates smart home assistants like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Smart Home. Thanks to this feature, you won’t need a key to open your smart home doors. To unlock your smart doors, you need to say “Alohomora.” If you’re using Alexa, say, “Alexa, lock Alohomora” to open the door.

Your smart home assistants can also be programmed to turn on all of your smart lights. To turn them off, you should use the magic spells “Lumos” and “Nox.” Today, get to learn and adapt this new way to unlock your smart home!

Say “Accio”

Speaking the magical word “Accio” is another way to keep up with Harry Potter and feel like a real wizard. Harry Potter uses the spell Accio to bring an object closer at any point he wants. Some, like Harry Potter, use the spell cast to summon any app on your smartphone. Accio can open virtually any app because it is the summoning charm. 

Tap on your Siri for iPhones or Google Assistant for Android to begin. Say “Accio” in addition to the app’s name or a code name of your application choice. After that, select the custom option and enter the actual name of the app you want to open in addition to the phrase “open.” You can search for the application without searching for the application. The Hogwarts magic spells and virtual assistants make your life easier and more exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions On Ok Google Lumos

What Harry Potter spells will work on my smartphone?

Some of the Harry Potter spells that Google has made it possible to work on your smartphones are;

  • Ok Google Lumos– use it to turn on your smartphone’s flashlight.
  • Nox- Use the spell word to turn your flashlight off.
  • Ok, Google Silencio- If you don’t want phone distractions, use this command, and your media volume will be zero.
  • Accio- Tired of hovering around countless applications on your phone? Then Accio command will simplify the process.
  • Alohomora- Do you own a smart home with smart doors? Then Alohomora is a command you can integrate and use to unlock your smart home doors.

How do I activate Harry Potter spells on my smartphone?

You can keep your smartphone’s settings the same to use Harry Potter’s spells. Ensure that “always listen” is selected for “Hey Siri” on your iPhone. You will navigate to Google Assistant for Android users. You can speak the commands you want to activate the Harry Potters spells on the Siri and Google Assistant apps. However, you need to be connected to the internet to use the spells.


Most of you are probably familiar with the famous “OK Google” and “Hey Siri” commands. And if you’re not, you should get acquainted since they will likely be around for a long time. You can use the commands to turn your smartphone’s flashlight on or off. These voice-controlled smart assistants help users control functions with their voice, and Google Assistant is no exception. 

We’ve shown you how to get started with Google Assistant and Siri and use them in your daily life. The truth is that voice-activated devices are opaque to the average consumer, hence the need to explain what they are and how they work. Sure, they are cool and getting better, and you can seamlessly integrate them into your life and utilize our activities. Be bold and adopt these new technologies. Google is at the forefront of this technology so we could show them some support.

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