New Trends Of Marketing

New Trends Of Marketing

New Trends Of Marketing : The pandemic seems to have slowed down society, but the digital world has taken advantage of this time to develop accelerated digitization. There have been changes to how content marketing should be approached, updates to social media, and new marketing automation tools have appeared.

A direct consequence of the pandemic is that structural inequalities have intensified, therefore, consumers increasingly expect more from brands. Marketing now prioritizes its potential audience, and therefore, if you want your marketing strategy to evolve in 2023, you must start by investigating what the identity of your market means. In this digital world, the concepts of diversity, equality, and inclusion are a continuous and endless process.

Top Marketing Trends

The parent company of Facebook has been renamed “Meta” referring to the metaverse, that virtual digital world in which many actions of our daily lives could be carried out through 3D avatars. Many countries are working on this project that seems to revolutionize the digital future.

Like the Metaverse, there are plenty of new trends for the twelve months still ahead of us.

Alternatives To Third-Party Cookies

Consumers are increasingly aware of our privacy when browsing the Internet, how data is managed, and what their digital footprint is. Simultaneously, companies are working to launch ideas that protect that privacy.

We saw that Apple released iOS 15, a release that focused on the data security of its users; Facebook announced the demise of its tracking pixel by 2022, and now Google has said it will remove support for third-party cookies.

And is that, the starting premise of inbound marketing is to attract users instead of addressing them directly. But now we stop seeing the customer journey as a conversation funnel and companies are starting to adopt the “flywheel” methodology, in which the different phases feed off each other.

Prioritize Relevance At The Same Level As Coverage

Brands need to be more direct in communicating the value they bring and their true goals. They have to create messages and experiences that represent the brand or business as a whole, in addition to reflecting the needs of consumers to make them feel relevant within your company. This is why relevance is just as important as coverage.

When a brand capitalizes on its purpose and begins to communicate its value in an authentic and consistent way, the company can make meaningful connections with its audiences and achieve good business results. 2022 is the year to focus on your brand value and goals to set yourself apart from the rest.

On the other hand, when you work on your marketing campaigns for 2022, you should think about how you can orient your content to the brand narrative to offer more purchase options. You need to make sure that the content faithfully represents and communicates the principles of your company. By optimizing the effectiveness of your creative campaigns expressing your brand identity, you will be able to increase your sales figures.

Results of 0 clicks on Google

This is a trend that is becoming more and more popular and this year it will begin to be implemented. It is true that many marketers consider that with this option they allow Google to steal traffic from their results. However, it is a misconceived thought, because the importance of this trend is that those who see your 0 clicks result on Google, it is because they are really interested in what you want to tell them and they are halfway to reaching your page.

Your business only needs to enhance its content so that the user clicks on the web. To do this, you can add titles that attract attention, such as small informative headlines about everything they can learn on your website.

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