Digitization Is Key To Improve The Employee Experience


Digitization : The employee experience is one of the aspects that most concerns Human Resources teams, and even more so now that we are experiencing a digital transformation that affects all levels of society and, in this case, the traditional employment relationship between workers and employees companies.

This, and other issues related to the effect that digital transformation will have on relations between workers and companies and on the digital experience of employees, were discussed during the Digitization and employee experience observatory..

It is not so much about asking what technology can do for us , but to analyze how this change is going to affect companies from a cultural point of view, because the impact is going to be enormous. We are addressing it through training, equipping our employees with the necessary skills for what may come “, he added.

Change Management

The experts highlighted the importance of having good communication between the company and the employees. Taking into account the new work models, companies have had to carry out training courses, develop tools and reflect on the information they collected from their employees, because active communication is essential for good change management.

90% of Top Employers companies report early changes that will have a great impact within the organization, 89% communicate how the impact will be on their day to day, in their role and responsibilities

On the other hand,  stressed “how important listening has become and that, thanks to digitization, it has become increasingly spontaneous”.

The person in charge of the user experience of Toyota commented how the automobile giant has “launched a two-way communication application between company and employee and applications for reservations of spaces, for example,” and how they are “at the point of pursuing the complete digitization of the employee experience, in order to streamline processes that bring great benefits to both the company and the workers. The idea is to offer a tool that allows managing practically any matter that has to do with labor relations”.

Talent Retention

This strategy encompasses a set of characteristics by which companies try to retain employees who show high professionalism, good performance and a great attitude in their workplace.

Having people like this is beneficial for any company, as they provide great added value and are key to any business strategy.

But keep in mind that employees have needs to meet, and organizations that address this quickly will have a better and longer-lasting relationship with their workers.

The secret of success is listening to the employee. But even go beyond listening and involve them in flexibility, welfare, compensation plans. Because all this is part of the success of the Top Employers, since 80% of them survey their workers and analyze how they are applying the changes. In this way, they can customize the actions. If you offer your employees what they demand, productivity will increase, and if you ask them what you could improve, the talent will not want to leave.

Digital Disconnection

Digitization has reached all levels of our lives. Hyperconnection that it has brought with it are two negative aspects that we must try to minimize. For example, digital meetings can go on one after the other, without leaving room for the human relationships that physical meetings allowed” and that can generate exhaustion in the employee..

In short, the change derived from the digitization of companies offers the opportunity to improve labor relations and the employee experience.

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