Sampling: What Is It And Examples


Sampling : Have you ever bought a product and the “gift” included another? Perhaps when making an online purchase you have received sample related products? All of this is sampling.

Direct marketing strategy consists of offering free samples of products or services. It is done so that potential customers try products that they would not otherwise try.

We tell you what sampling is and why you should benefit from using this strategy.

What Is Sampling And What Is It For?

As we already told you, sampling consists of offering free samples of a product to potential customers of a company or brand. It is a hook for customers to learn about new products and decide whether they meet their needs or not, so that they later decide to buy it.

It may seem that sampling is not yet widely implemented, but the Direct Advertising Study has concluded that 7 out of 10 consumers receive brochures once a week and that for more than 60% their favourites are those that include discounts or free samples.

The sampling is not intrusive at all. It has a surprise factor, because many times the user or customer does not expect it and also increases the chances that customers will purchase new products.

Advantages of sampling

Although not everyone knows this technique, let alone the name, sampling offers many advantages. These are the 4 main reasons why sampling is effective:

  • It is a good way to break the ice with the user . If we get the user to try the product before buying it, as a brand, we have achieved a lot. We all, as consumers, show some opposition to the sale. Therefore, by offering a free sample, we manage to relax that first tension that arises in consumers and, in the future, they will be willing to buy -or to sell to them-.
  • First relationship with the brand . As a brand, we have to ensure that the first impression that consumers have is positive. The first impression is important not only for attracting new customers, but also for carrying out an effective relationship marketing strategy to maintain good relationships with consumers in the future. One way to achieve this is free samples, because the user knows the advantages offered by the product or service long before buying it.
  • Opportunity to try a new product . When the consumer decides to purchase the product, we have already allowed him to enjoy its many benefits in a way that consumers like very much: free. In addition, it is a perfect technique so that the first positive impression is extended to all the products or services of our company.
  • Low investment and high ROI . The results obtained by applying sampling are much greater than the investment needed to implement the strategy. However, to guarantee the success of this technique, it is necessary to carry out a previous study to carry out an intelligent mailing .


As you have seen, the advantages that sampling brings us are very interesting. Within sampling, we can find several types, depending on the objective of the strategy.

Product sampling

Product sampling consists of giving a free sample of the product. It is carried out to communicate a novelty, relaunch a product or highlight a product from the rest of the commercial portfolio.

Discount coupons

Sampling materialised in discount coupons consists of offering a discount on a product or service. Its objective is to retain current consumers, attract new consumers and increase sales of a product or service.

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