Social Gaming Marketing: What It Is, Benefits And Examples Of Platforms

Social Gaming Marketing

Social Gaming Marketing: Digital marketing  offers us endless possibilities that go far beyond the typical blogs and social networks. The opportunity is to place our brand on the sites that users use and create an interactive experience.

Social gaming is a very popular platform that offers a lot of possibilities for users to interact with the brand. We tell you how to get the most out of  social gaming marketing .

What Is Social Gaming Marketing?

The term “social gaming” refers to  online video games that are accessed mainly through  social networks . In addition to entertaining themselves by playing, users share the experience with their contacts on the social network, which adds extra interest to the experience. By being integrated into commonly used platforms, these types of games manage to attract audiences that are not normally interested in video games in general.

Facebook has been one of the great pioneers in this sector, with very popular titles like Farmville or Candy Crush. Today, many platforms offer these types of applications.

Social  gaming marketing , therefore, consists of using these video games that are accessed through social networks to promote products, services and brands. Thus, instead of impacting the user unilaterally, the brand can establish an interactive dialogue with its potential audience.

According to the consulting firm, the social gaming market will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years thanks to the development of new technologies and the low investment required.

For brands, social gaming marketing represents a great opportunity to expand their reach, since millions of users can access these games from anywhere and with any device connected to the Internet.

Benefits Of Social Gaming Marketing

Scope and segmentation

With social gaming marketing, brands can find  new business opportunities . Social games reach a very wide and varied audience, so they can be an appropriate channel for many companies. And in turn, being located on social media platforms, they allow a very precise segmentation based on the characteristics of the users.

Brand awareness

Social gaming makes it possible to reach users at a time when they are receptive and provide them with value in the form of entertainment. This makes the brand more memorable and associated with positive emotions.


By their very nature, video games facilitate  interaction . Rather than being passive recipients, users engage directly with the brand, enriching the experience. In addition, being located on social networks, this type of game  encourages shared content and virality .

Possibility of monetization

Creators of social games have multiple possibilities to monetize them, such as creating a pay-to-play model or charging for certain elements or items within the game.


Social gaming marketing makes it possible to combine the virtual environment and reality, that is, users can obtain physical benefits from playing. We can use this functionality to create a loyalty marketing strategy that encourages long-term customer engagement.

How To Include Social Gaming In Your Marketing Strategy?

There are many different marketing strategies to incorporate social games into your brand.

Sponsor Existing Games . This strategy is particularly used within the world of eSports. The brand can launch advertising actions within games and tournaments (to reach active players) or on streaming platforms (to reach more passive participants or viewers). Within this strategy, it is very common for a brand to decide to collaborate with an influencer in the sector, for example, with mentions and  product placement  in their live broadcasts.

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