3 Best Sound Bars With Subwoofers

Sound Bars

Best Sound Bars : These are a good alternative to perfect the sound of televisions (without spending a bundle on a home cinema ) since the quality of this, of the new televisions, has not evolved as well as that of the image. In addition, they are very easy to install and do not take up much space in the room.

Sound Bar With Subwoofer

The subwoofer is responsible for producing that sensation of “vibration” that you feel when you are watching a movie in the cinema. There are sound bars with subwoofers that are installed wirelessly. But not all bars include it, in that case, you will have to buy it separately.

One of its main advantages of wireless sound bars is that it connects directly and immediately to the television, avoiding annoying wiring (although you still won’t get rid of the plug to the network, for now). The normal thing is that -depending on each model- a message appears on the screen giving you the option to play the sound through the bar.

Sound Bar Brands

There is a wide variety of sound bar brand offers on the market:

  • Samsung
  • yamaha
  • Sony

These first four are the brands that offer the best models (and also the most popular). All of them have products with very good features and a wide variety of prices.

Samsung sound bars

Samsung’s ms651 model conquers the second place on the podium within the best soundbars . The reproduction of the voices is simply spectacular, the distortion of the lower sounds is non-existent and, in addition, its higher sounds will make even the furniture vibrate.

In short, the definition of sound becomes an experience and this is so, to a large extent, thanks to the 3 channels with integrated 9-speaker woofer and Dolby 5.1, which is responsible for creating 100% surround sound.

Keep its name because the Dolby digital system is a great ally. It is an innovative development that emits sound vertically so that, when bouncing off the ceiling, that complete immersive experience is generated. When the model includes it, they indicate it in the third number of the label that we explained above.

In addition, it is a wireless bar, one more point in its favor.

Yamaha sound bar

The Yamaha ysp-1400 model with 5.1 sound is one of the most popular models of the brand due to its exceptional sound quality. We have chosen this bar because it sounds wonderfully good and creates an incredible feeling of spaciousness.

In the ysp-1400 model you can connect your smartphone, tablet or pc thanks to its bluetooth connection. And not only that, it also has different connections for stereo RCA cable, optical cable, digital cable, even for external subwoofer. Although with those that are incorporated you will not need it.

Sony sound bar

We recommend the Sony SA-CT290 model because the 5.1 audio is 100% real and, together with its wireless subwoofer -which works horizontally and vertically so you can place it wherever you want in the room- you will have the feeling of being sitting in a movie theater 

Another of its advantages is its instant connection with the bar and its HDMI ARC connection which, as you already know, allows the TV and the sound bar to connect instantly.

And of course, we must highlight its beautiful design, it is a very careful aesthetic that will not clash in your living room.

Finally, like most models, it includes a remote control. The most modern even connect through an app from where you can control the volume, move from one track to another, repeat, mute and many more features.

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