The Advantages Of Hiring A Comprehensive Communication Agency 360

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Hiring A Comprehensive Communication Agency 360 : When deciding which communication and marketing agency to hire, more and more brands are betting on comprehensive agencies, which offer 360º service, to avoid having to change agencies frequently depending on the services that are needed.

What Is An Integral Communication Agency?

A comprehensive communication agency is one that offers all the services that the client needs, both in the field of communication and marketing.

A few years ago, communication agencies limited themselves to writing press releases, preparing the company’s communication plan, contacting the media, and monitoring mentions of the brand, and corporate reputation. Now the presence in the media is no longer the priority objective of the brands.

Companies prefer to have more presence in social networks, which is where their potential audience really is than in the mass media (more expensive and more complex when it comes to measuring results). Now communication and marketing are in demand in equal parts.

For this reason, communication agencies have had to transform and include digital marketing professionals in their teams, to cover those strategies aimed at adding value to the user. It seeks to sell but in a more subtle way, less intrusive than traditional advertising: help the user find their problem and present us as the best solution.

What Services Does a Comprehensive Communication Agency Offer?

Comprehensive communication agencies offer a wide range of fully personalized communication and marketing services, so they are all advantages:

  • Communication consulting

A company that does not communicate well is doomed to failure. That is why it is so important to have well-defined corporate messages that define the essence of the brand, its philosophy, its policies, and its values ​​through a communication consultancy.

In this sense, the agency carries out an internal audit to check how the company communicates, both verbally and in all corporate documentation. From there, they define the messages and the communication strategy.

  • Corporate reputation

All companies need to protect their reputation. And the best way to do this is to build a good reputational cushion through different actions. We must be transparent in the face of any situation that arises and that requires explanations, and we must define and execute actions that help this reputation, including corporate social responsibility actions.

Corporate crises become opportunities if they are well managed and for this, it is always better to have an agency that has experience in crisis management.

  • Public relations

Communication agencies carry out important work with the stakeholders of the sector in which the brand develops its activity based on public relations. They are in charge of relating to associations, organizations, and opinion leaders in the sector, to generate a favorable current towards the brand.

  • Event organization

All companies, to a greater or lesser extent, organize events. The organization of an event involves many aspects: choice of space, invitations, decoration, protocol, audiovisual contracting, budgets, etc. For this reason, many companies prefer to leave this work in the hands of a communication agency, which always has reliable suppliers.

  • Social media management

Social platforms have become the main communication channel for brands. Therefore, it is essential to define a specific communication plan, which is aligned with the global communication plan, to maintain the same messages. Who better manages these social networks than the agency that is in charge of the global communication plan?

  • Digital marketing strategies

Currently, digital marketing is at the center of the strategies of all companies. In a digital environment, it is essential to attract visits to the web, improve search engine positioning, generate a community on social networks, maintain constant communication with customers (through email marketing), gain engagement, and reach future customers by providing them with value (inbound marketing). All these services are offered by a comprehensive communication and marketing agency such as Ubiqual Comunicación. 

  • Graphic and web design

The 365 communication and comprehensive marketing agencies have graphic design and web design professionals to manage the corporate image of the brand, without having to resort to external hiring.

For brands, it is much more efficient and productive to leave communication and marketing in the hands of an agency that has the capacity to manage everything, which is a great competitive advantage, because the knowledge that an agency can have 100% involved is not achieved by contracting the services to different companies.

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