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Adobe Creative Cloud Programs : If you want access to all Adobe Creative Cloud applications ( Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Acrobat ) you have to pay 60.49 dollars per month. If it hurts you to pay so much per month, you can always try the different free alternatives for each of the Adobe programs. Although there is no perfect alternative (the one with many features is difficult to use, the one that is easy to use has few features.), it is very possible that what these apps offer you will be enough for you.

Here are great alternatives ( some of the usual suspects have been left out because they lose out comparatively). In parentheses you will find the Adobe program that they successfully replace.

Photopea ( Adobe Photoshop )

One of the very recent free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop , but so effective that it deserves to be on top of the list. The fact that it is a program that opens from the browser can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your needs, but its great success (practically cloning the Photoshop of a lifetime, from functions to interface) makes it very irresistible and easy to use.

Pretty much anything you need to edit in Photoshop you can edit in Photopea . Although it has a premium version , at the time of writing this listing there is no advantage; It’s just to support its creators. Although these suggest that in the future premium users could access betas or additional themes , but little else.

SumoPaint ( Adobe Photoshop )

If you need an advanced free editor, above is Photopea . If you need something simpler, SumoPaint is the best option. It’s a browser-based editor with multiple secondary apps: audio for editing audio, video for video (their names are self-evident). Its functions are very basic, and sometimes it is a bit slow, but if you want to edit something quickly, give it a try.

SumoPaint has a subscription model that allows you to download its apps and has more editing options. But many of these options are in Photopea or in other alternatives on the list.

Pixlr ( Adobe Photoshop )

The free image editor from Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD , Maya and company. It is not recommended for professional environments or tasks, but if you are looking for a retouch between basic and advanced, Pixlr has your back. Also, unlike Photopea or SumoPaint , you have a version for browsers and downloadable software.

Its free version has all the necessary features for almost all the editions you need. Its paid versions, in addition to adding more features, include more materials (overlays, icons, stickers, templates.) and better customer service for users. 

GIMP ( Adobe Photoshop )

It is the oldest and most classic free Photoshop alternative of all. Despite being an open-source program (anyone with knowledge can access it and add new features, improve functions…) it has never been on a par with Photoshop , but if you need minimal editing of photos and images, GIMP is ideal. It can also be used in professional environments for most tasks , but the more complex these are, the more it will be necessary to resort to Photoshop in the end .

Its resemblance to Photoshop , and its abundance of official online tutorials, makes GIMP easy to use: download it, open it, edit what you need to edit, and do something else. 

DaVinci Resolve ( Adobe Premiere )

If you need a video editor on par with Adobe Premiere , DaVinci Resolve is your free alternative. It debuted in 2004 as a simple solution to scale the colors of a video and over time it has become a titanic editor. Although Resolve does not have all the features of its paid version ( DaVinci Resolve Studio ), this software has almost everything you need. 

Its only “but” is that it requires time and dedication to master. If you’ve already spent hours on Adobe Premiere , it may not be worth your while to upgrade to Resolve even though it’s free.

As for DaVinci Resolve Studio , its paid version, it has advanced features such as 3D tools, Resolve FX, 4K resolution support or multi-user collaborative work . The bad news is that it costs 300 dollars, the good news is that it is a one-time purchase: once you have activated Resolve Studio , you have it forever.

Shotcut ( Adobe Premiere )

A free video editor that is not as complete as DaVinci Resolve , but that should be your opinion if what you want to do is simple. Take a good look at it every four or five months because it gets updated with new features.

Audacity (Adobe Audition)

The best free alternative to Adobe Audition . This audio editor is so complete that it is often used in professional environments such as radio stations. You can edit podcasts with it, improve your narration of your latest video. Its big disadvantage? An antediluvian interface that was born at the time somewhat obsolete.

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