4 Tips To Improve The Security Of Your Business

Improve The Security Of Your Business

Improve the security of your business : Computer security is one of the most important aspects of protecting the operational functions of the company, since technology, and in particular computers, are now essential for the management of the production phase and the preservation of the data of the company. network and customers. Very often, however, companies do not feel concerned and think, wrongly, that the risks are with the neighbor or only with the large structures. They maintain an indifferent attitude in the face of a possible security problem which can be very dangerous both for the network infrastructure and for the data, sensitive or not, which passes through it. In detail, in this article we will try to give simple but effective tips to improve the computer security of your business within your company.

Use Secure Passwords

The importance of using secure passwords and updating them regularly is still underestimated by companies. Using a password generator is a great start to having meaningless words that are otherwise easily cracked by hacking systems. Where also available, we suggest using a two-factor authentication system where possible to further increase the level of access security. Within the company, all users must be at least aware of computer security.

Have An Audit Carried Out By A Specialized Company

When it comes to infrastructure security, it is never advisable to take things too lightly. The geographical position, the different providers chosen, the mail servers are just some of the components of a unique and fallible system. It would be a good procedure for a company specializing in security to carry out an audit to analyze the network and detect any critical points suggesting effective solutions. This audit may be combined with a GDPR compliance audit in order to comply with the regulations in this area. If your resources are limited, carry out an internal audit using the guides published by ANSSI .

Develop A Robust Information Security Program

The threat of cybercrime is concrete and real and, as already indicated, the general security of the network infrastructure should not be neglected. Therefore, it is relevant to develop a security information program that includes security policies, system and data identification, incident response planning, configuration management, training and awareness, disaster recovery, and many other essentials like the company’s IT charter.

Secure Your Business Email

Check the email sender before downloading attachments or clicking on malicious links. In particular: if the email contains an attachment and the sender is unknown, do not take any action. If the sender is a known collaborator or sender, it is still a good idea to verify the veracity of the shipment. Indeed, if the colleague has the infected inbox, the virus tries to spread by sending the malicious package to other users. Opt for an effective e-mail protection solution integrating virus and malware detection mechanisms , such as Altospam for businesses or Malwarebytes for individuals.

Train Your Employees On Security Protocols

A company’s employees have browsing habits that often make it difficult to fix them. To effectively protect sensitive information in corporate networks, a security training and awareness program is essential to inform all personnel of the protocols adopted for data protection. According to iPhone specialists, “it is very important to pay attention to the security of company employees’ smartphones“. Smartphones often contain professional data such as contacts, and are forgotten from the security perimeter of the company.

We also very often forget that the Internet is a public resource. Therefore, privacy is not guaranteed, especially for sites in the social networking category. If a company’s employees use social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn on corporate devices, educating them about social network security protocols is critical to maintaining cybersecurity. This is why raising awareness among your team is essential, as is the use of secure passwords and the implementation of effective email protection.of the company.

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